Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal music? Not in this house. But I did play with some Gold and Silver and Copper papers last night, all from The Heap. Hey, in just a few more days and I'll move on from this Heap thing, but for now, I'm on a roll.

It all started when I saw this card on SCS. In my mind I saw an Anniversary card instead of a Birthday card (I am always looking for ideas for Anniversary cards), which took me to Gold and Silver. So I checked The Heap, and sure enough, I had some Gold, Silver AND Copper in there, so I made these:

(Please pardon the awful lighting - The Heap is occupying my staging area, so I have been taking these photos on my stamping spot, sideways. Yeah, it looks like it too, huh?) So here is the Gold version. I used a Class A Peel sticker for the sentiment and a gold buckle from my stash as an anchor for the yummy SU ribbon.
Here we have the Silver version. I used another Class A Peel sticker (oh, look, it's crooked), and this time I used a Silver SU ribbon slide with the ribbon.

Copper Anniversary? Yep - Year #7. I only uploaded a small part of the card because I am sure you are sick of them by now. For this one, I had no Copper Class A Peel sticker, so instead I embossed the Happy Anniversary from SU's Hugs & Wishes set.

Aaaand, to totally break with tradition, I stamped something on the inside! This flourish is from the retired Noteworthy set, which I love, and it is also in the 'never, ever sell' drawer.

Moving on to something more dainty, I took the piece of 4 1/4 x 11 card stock I'd cut the other day and forced myself to make a dress out of it. I cut this one a bit differently to give me more room for the waist embellishments. I got smart this time with the collar and punched a circle followed by the next-size-up scallop with my Marvy punches (had to blow the dust off of them...they are so lonely). I poked the holes in the collar scallops with my paper piercer, which went much smoooother than the paper punch I'd tried, once (once was enough to convince me it was a bad idea). I punched both the waist piece and the bottom of the vellum overlay with SU's Eyelet Border punch. Did you notice I got two layers of ribbon on there? :-) Purple on top of green. And that purple flower on the collar is from my stash. I have hundreds of those plastic-y embellies in there, in many, many colors. They definitely qualify as SABLE.

Not bad for an evening's work, not bad at all.

Oh, I heard from the Farmers Market coordinator. I had asked her if we will have more farmers this year, because any more farmers will suck up all the space we crafters occupy in the pavilion, which means we'll need to have tents and set up on the lawn. Yes, she said there should be more farmers this year; that's the plan, anyway. It is a good thing for the market, even though we whine a lot about being kicked out of the pavilion and setting up on the lawn. Last year we were supposed to have more farmers, too, but they must have changed their minds, since we crafters got to stay under the pavilion. We are supposed to have one more farmer, another bakery (oh, just what I need!), and a guy who has grass-fed beef. Hmm, that's different, but oh, the possibilities for dinner! :-) I have a line on a tent from a friend who 'upgraded' last year, so I should not need to buy a new one. Sigh ... we really won't know what we've got until people show up (or not) the first weekend of May. We'll see. (It's almost Market time!!!! Yay!)

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  1. I had a moment of mild panic when I saw the title of this post :) But the cards are really very lovely...just perfect for anniversary cards I'd say. Not too girly or frilly, but with the right touch of elegance! I am impressed with the decorating of the inside of the card too....that flourish is gorgeous and I wouldn't ever get rid of that either...if I had it I'd probably be using it all the time.
    And the latest in your line of boutique items is rather adorable...I like that purple ribbon over the green...I have a bit of a thing for that combination of colours right now...they just go so well together. OK, enough rambling...I really shouldn't write comments on your blog late at night, they always end up being more essay than comment :)

  2. Oh, I hope you don't end up on the lawn, but you had me at grass fed beef! Awesome :)

    Love the elegance of your anniversary cards AND another sweet dress card! You are on a roll.

  3. Merry in New JerseyApril 14, 2009 at 6:57 PM

    WHAT stamp set is the gorgeous flowers and how can I get it IMMEDIATELY??? Those cards are gorgeous. I love the way you embossed them in metallics. So elegant. And the little-girl dress cards? So so cute! Where did you find a template for that? I'm going through stamping withdrawal! I finally moved into my new place. All the stamping stuff is piled in boxes in a room with way too many other boxes. I gotta stamp!

  4. Adorable dress card! Very sweet!


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