Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Happy Sunday

Have I said lately how much I love my SU customers? Yeah, I think I learn as much each Stamp Camp as they do, and we really do have a great time. I like how this craft draws certain types of people, and they are nice people. I had five Ladies here this morning who did not know each other except from these Stamp Camps, and they were chatting away about this and that and I actually hated to interrupt them to assist with the projects! I think a few of them have even planned a Field Trip to Angela's. :-)

Before everyone arrived, the cat was resting up for the influx of Ladies (though I am sure she was not aware that's what she was doing). As soon as I take laundry from the dryer and dump it onto this chair so I can take the washer stuff out and put it into the dryer, this pile of clean stuff becomes a Cat Nest (and you thought I was kidding yesterday, huh?)

This is the bonus project I finally decided to include. I had purchased some Hershey bars to use, then I found out from Lauri that I should have purchased Kit Kat bars instead, so I went out and got those, too. (The Ladies got both candy bars in their kits, but only enough paper to cover one of them, so they had to choose which one to wrap and which one to eat.) My attempts here are miserable examples of what can be done with a 6x6 piece of patterned paper. Check out Lauri's here, here and here, as hers are much better than mine. Thankfully, I was just showing my customers what they could do, and to feel free to take anything they wanted off the supply table to beef theirs up, and they did a wonderful job of it, too!

For example, this lovely creation. She chose to do the Hershey bar sleeve, and she wrapped a piece of ribbon around the package to hold the candy bar inside. A little bling, a skewed tag, and Ta-Da! Beautiful job!

Snoooooooooore! Such an exhausting day. Actually, I took this before I kicked her off so I could fold all that stuff before people arrived. That's not even cruel, since all I did was open the back door to let in some of the lovely, fresh Spring air, and she thought she was going out (okay, that was mean), so she left her nest and I could fold.

Two Stamp Camps down, one to go tomorrow evening. Gotta keep this place looking ship-shape, so no stash diving, though I will need to create something for tomorrow's UHC. There's lotsa good holidays in May and June, so I'll probably do them weekly for a while. Tomorrow's is kinda fun, so I'll go create something worth sharing for tomorrow.

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  1. Cute candy bar covers!

    Is kitty feeling better? Gaining weight? She looks pretty in the pictures.

    I look forward to your under-appreciated holiday cards :)

  2. LOL...what is it about cats and clean laundry...they even do that when it's come off the clothes line rather than the dryer...I think it's because they want to make sure that all your clothes and stuff smells like them so other cats know you have an owner...pmsl :) She's one cute kitty that's for sure...makes me miss my cats and be excited that when I move back to Queensland I can have pets again...YAY!
    Your candy bar holders are cute, but I'm not sure that I could refrain from eating the chocolate long enough to make the cover...LOL.
    Looking forward to seeing what this weeks UHC is. Once I'm settled in Qld I'm going to start playing along with these for real :)

  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH - a happy cat on laundry!! Me likey!

    Off to click the candy links - I really like those little packages!

    Secret word - congl

    Don't do the congl-ine at a wedding if you've had too much tequila. People bring cameras to weddings


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