Sunday, April 12, 2009

National Limerick Day

Today is National Limerick Day, so, much as I did on National Haiku Day, I present you with a personal ditty I wrote waaaaaay back when:

There was a young lady of Ghent,
Who was looking in vain for a gent.
When none could be found,
She turned herself 'round,
And became the Mistress of Kent.

Hey, I was a kid, okay?! Actually, I think it is quite randy for an adolescent, don't you? And I did not even get kicked out of school!

Happy National Limerick Day!!!!!!!!

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  1. so crack me up!!!! I remember writing limericks in school, but I don't think I could remember any of them! I shall have to do my best to try and write one later :) Though it might not be so raunchy as yours...LOL!
    BTW: That header looks pretty darn nice with your green backgound...even if I do say so It actually looks even better on the blog than it did in I am quite pleased that it turned out so nice :)


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