Sunday, April 26, 2009

Why I Will Never Run Out Of Blog Fodder

First I need to give you a little background. One of my very good friends has a squirrel problem. Well, he says he really doesn't have a squirrel problem, because he has a gun and he "takes care of the problem", which makes my stomach turn. Then he got married, and she has taken care of the gun thing, except for when she is not home. My friend and his wife hosted our Pot Luck dinner last night.

About an hour after we all arrived, I looked out back and saw a dead squirrel. Belly up and dead. I just assumed (of course) that he had shot the poor thing and left it there, so I chastised him. IS THAT A DEAD SQUIRREL IN YOUR YARD??! To which they both laughed and told one of the dogs to go get the squirrel. ACK! Out the dog goes and PICKS UP THE THING AND BRINGS IT BACK TO US! It is not a dead squirrel. It is a stuffed chipmunk that they bought at the local grocery store. Lookie:

OH.MY.GOSH but it looks real!!!!! (Isn't that a beautiful dog, too?)

Also last night I decided to bring Al home. Al is a 'stuffed people' Albert Einstein I got a looong time ago and I kept him when I got divorced, also a looong time ago. Al lived here for quite some time until the friend I mentioned above decided he needed to borrow Al to scare someone coming over to his house. It worked. He has had Al in his home ever since, so last night I decided it was time for Al to come home. Please notice two things in the photo of Al in the car. (1) He is strapped in. The last thing I need at 10:30 on a Saturday night is to be stopped by the PA or MD police for my passenger not wearing a seat belt; and (2) the copious amount of cat hair on Al's right hip. My friend's cat used to sleep in Al's lap.

I brought Al into the house last night since I knew I'd be sleeping in a bit this morning, what with the late hour of my return home plus the coming down from the sugar coma, and I did not want to scare the neighbors when they saw Al sitting in my car. So now he sits in my Kitchen, and will undoubtedly scare the bajeezus out of my customers next month.

Speaking of the sugar coma, yes, the Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding was a hit again. I brought home very little of it, so I had it for breakfast. I also brought home almost the whole Angel Food cake and a bunch of the fruit. Guess what I'll be eating for the next few days.

Oh, well, maybe I'll get dressed some time today and start preparing projects for my May stamp camps. I also need to think up something for tomorrow's UHC card. I may need to take a nap first - that whole sugar thing, you know. :-)

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  1. I am crying from laughing so hard...Albert Einstein? You are a treasure :)

  2. dog - beautiful !
    Al - ??? I'm starting to wonder about you.


  3. No wonder you had a sugar high after reading the ingredients in that bread pudding. Wow!!!!


  4. OMG LMAO!!!!!!!!!

    Einstein??? WTH? It's so random and hilarious!

    And I was completely horrified by the squirrel at first!!!

    Oh - I can't breathe! Thanks for the laugh!


  5. omg!!! seriously, you are the funest person I know...(yes that is a real word!) I love fact, I want Al to come live at my you think that they'd charge full price for a seat on the plane, seein as he's not gonna eat or anything????
    Thanks so much for my morning laugh...and today Mama enjoyed it too :) Good work!!!

  6. i had many things to say until you mentioned KRISPY KREME BREAD PUDDING & now they are all leaving now to help with leftovers...please have al send GPS coordinates...


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