Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cards From The Sick Bed

In between my bouts of whining and self-pity Sunday and Monday, I got off the couch long enough to lay waste to these pesky papers. Oh, they are pretty enough, but I am sick, sick, SICK of looking at them. SICK.

I have several strips cut out and layered, but they all translate into cards with white space that would need to be addressed, so I first tackled the larger pieces I'd cut, and this is what came out:

Aaaaaaaah, can't you just feel the hot, soapy, luxurious bath? Hmmm? Oh, yeah. And I could go draw one right now, but I'd need to clean the tub first, and that sounds like work. (The tub image is from Hambo Stamps, I think. The sentiment is from a retired SU words set.)

This card uses a lot of the papers. This is a time when a lotta layers is a good thing. Let's see - the blue layer, the pattern layer, the red scallop, the two blue strips, and the red layer under the sentiment. The white card base and the other white pieces are all from The Heap. Woo-hoo! I used a few more inches of that yummy ribbon, and I also colored the image with Copics. I decided to leave the tub and the bubbles white, as they should be, and just added some Cool Grey (C-1) around the edges and for some highlights. I went back when it was all done and added the bling. Not so sure that was a good idea....

This is just a variation on a theme. Blue layer, pattern layer, blue strip (this time with some rub-ons for some color), and red pieces for the layers behind both the image and the sentiment. All the white, including the base, were also from The Heap. This time, though, I used some Stickles for a little shimmer on the bubbles and the floor in front of the tub. I think it was the better choice, too. (Is it just me, or is her bath tub going down-hill?)

Before I crashed for the night last night I eeked out this one. I really do not like that the Cuttlebug folders do not do the whole A2 card front. Hmph. I hacked off the non-embossed parts and layered it onto a piece of the red, then onto the white base. I used up one of the layered strips I have, added the obligatory ribbon, and used another piece of the red behind the BD sentiment. Ya know, for under $10, I am getting a lot of mileage out of that stamp!

So I went to work today, even though I did not want to go. Every fiber of my being said, "Go back to bed ....". But since I never listen to me, I went to work. The good news is it is Spring Break for the public schools here, so there was no traffic! Yippee! I actually got into 5th gear at one point! Wowza! Sweet commute in. The ride home, though ... not so much. In these parts, you take what you can get.

And if you have ever had to deal with computer people, you know we have our own lingo. One of the skills that I have honed over the years is being able to work with diverse groups of people, acting as translator - business needs to computer-speak. Along the way, one of the other things I've learned is the ability recognize when the glaze begins to form over the eyeballs of the other person, and to know when to pull back and try again, or give it a rest. Well, today, when one of my co-workers tried to engage me in conversation, it was painfully apparent nothing was getting through. *I* had become the person with glaze forming on the eyeballs. I just could not engage the grey matter. I tell you, I should NOT have gone in today. But actually, I am glad I did, as I ended up getting a lot done, largely because no one would talk to me because of the glaze. They knew...oh, they knew.

Hopefully, I'll get some more rest tonight and be more cognizant and conversant tomorrow. For now, the laundry calls to me.

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  1. I'm so sorry that you're still not feeling well...I hope you get better soon :)
    The cards are cute...I'd love a nice long soak in the tub too...problem with me though is that on top of the fact that the bath needs cleaning before I get in it, I'm afraid that once I was in I'd never be able to get myself back out again!!!!!
    I do like the stickles one better than the bling (but only a little bit...lol) That DSP is just yummy and goes so well with that delish ribbon.

  2. You are my scrap heap hero. And have i mentioned you have such brilliant ideas? Love that sort-of vertical sentiment on the oval on the first card; so CLEVER.

    I hope you are feeling better soon :)

  3. I love your tub card and the oval shaped sentiment is perfect.

    Offray had their big sale 2 weeks ago and I didn't even go to it!

  4. ok, a LOTTA LAYERS is *always* a good thing!!! (but that's just me!!!)

    i loooove these papers...i love what you've done with them...i love the strips and the layers and the ribbons and...ok, to save time, let's just say i love EVERYTHING about them! ♥

    (ps: hope you're feeling better!!!!!)


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