Saturday, April 18, 2009

Am I A Bad Mom?

I bought a ton of food stuff for my boys so I could send them Care Packages (it's what Moms do for kids in college). I did not send them, because I was distracted in the baking aisle at the store and made them brownies instead. I sent them the brownies with some new socks as package filler. How much more 'Mom' could I get?

So now it is the end of the school year (my eldest has finals next week), and I still have these two Flat Rate boxes full of stuff. Just now I told myself I will not send these in time, so I rummaged through one of the boxes, retrieved a box of Breakfast Bars, and consumed one (okay two).

Am I a bad Mom?


  1. uh huh. :)

    (KIDDING, obviously!!!!)
    (plus, no doubt said offspringly types shall be consumin' said goodies upon their return, right?!)

    are the breakfast bars the carnation ones with the coating of chocolate on the outside? can i get one of those over here, please??

  2. crack me up. That sounds just like something I would do. Like when I made a batch of brownies for some frinds and before they stopped by so I could give it to them I got a bit peckish and pulled two out and ate them...I figured they'd never even know they were missing...lmbo!!! I certainly wouldn't be feeling guilty over breakfast bars when you actually did send them brownies and they don't know what was in the packages anyway!

  3. You crack me up :) They will never know they were missing...but perhaps you will find something even better to put in the care package...


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