Thursday, April 9, 2009

There's Gonna Be Some Changes 'Round These Parts

I think I've been reading The Pioneer Woman way too much lately - just look at that title! Ack!

So ANYway, this blog will be like a chameleon for the next week or so, or until I get tired of playing. Why? WHY, you ask?! Well, it is because we are approaching my 2-year Blog-i-versary, and I aim to make some changes (there I go again), largely, well, because I am bored with Da Blog's look and feel. Plus, the right-side stuff runs all the way to China, and all that left-side was nekkid, so I thought spreading things out was worth a try.

The plan in my pea-brain was to have three columns, with the business stuff (disclaimers, subscribe links, don't steal my stuff pleas, etc.) on the left, the fun stuff on the right, and the whining and some stamping will continue right down the middle. That's the plan, anyway.

Just now I reconfigured my template into three columns; then I lost my cool background skin, so I had to go find it again, and that took some time since I got it pre-laptop-meltdown; then the skin did not fit with three columns; then I bagged the three-column layout cuz it looked too busy; so I brought back the two-column layout and found the background skin and put it back; but then I found some three-column skins, so I put back the three-column version, with the skin. And you're lookin' at it.

I am not in love with it, so I will continue to play around until I get something I like better. I just wanted to warn you that things are a-changin', and some of it may not be too pretty. I apologize in advance for any eye strain that may result.


  1. Details, I need details. How did you get the 3 column without losing all of your widgets and cool stuff???

  2. i do some graphics, if you need anything give me a've shared enough of your crap from the other room that i'd be happy to help out if you have a certain direction and can't find what you're looking for :)

  3. Mmmm, I see what you mean about the header....but I like the Sage colour in the BG and the textured look. I've been toying with the 3 column look too...but when I found one I liked it meant I was going to have manually put back all my widgets etc...and that sounded too much like hard work :) Anyway, I think it looks good and I'll try to make your header to match what you've got fun :)

  4. Yeah - I'm with Jackie - where'd you get the three column? I've started a new blog with three but never gotten one to import. I like it and I'll help you with your header, blog buddy! Just email me.

  5. I dont think we ever stop changing our blogs around. At least I dont... so you're in good company. :)

    Have a great Easter weekend!

  6. i assume that me being me...i have got here VERY late...and now it's all fixed and you *DO* love it...'cause it looks good to me!!! i like the 3-column-osity...i like the header...i like the stuff that's INNIT. what's not to like?! (but i shall hold myself in readiness to love any subsequent changes, also!) :)

    OMG!!! it's steven seagal's birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i totally forgot to get him something! do ya think some new ponytail holders and a saladworks giftcard are ok? (he LOVED them last year!!!)

    (you may have guessed that i also like the "history" and "birthday" bits being up higher...where they are handy for inspirin' my zany comment-based hijinks!)

  7. I LIKE it!!! I can't figure out how to get a 3-column bacground, plus it MUST coordinate with my super cool Kristie banner :)


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