Monday, April 6, 2009

UHC #9

Today's Under-Appreciated Holiday is Look Up At The Sky Day, which will be celebrated on April 14th. Think about it: When was the last time you looked up at the sky?

This card is actually SU-Only, so in theory I could use it for a workshop. In theory.

I'd originally planned to use a stamp I have (or rather had) of a dog lying on his back in the grass, looking up at the sky. But nooooo, it is nowhere to be found, so it is either lost or I sold it last year. As I spent today recumbent on the couch, feeling sorry for myself, I thought of an alternative, and as I dragged my sorry butt off the couch mid-afternoon (I do not sit still very well), I decided to make this:

(And it is all scrap! Yay, me!) Ahem.

I mostly use the sky in cards as a backdrop, so this time I decided to make it the focus of the card instead. Ingenious, yes, I know.

This all started over the weekend, when I was still mostly vertical, and I thought to open the set of SU Sizzlets Dies called Lots of Tags that I bought because I thought (in a Good Demo Moment) that I should. Uh-huh. When I punched out this one, I thought it looked like a cloud, and the little, tiny light bulb went off over my head, so I cut two more to get to the magic number of three.

To make it a bit more interesting, I put one of them at the top of the blue piece so it needed to be trimmed, and I managed to smudge the one on the right, which is why a flock of birds now lives there. The tree tops are made with the Branch Out set, stamped in Basic Black and Garden Green.

All in all, this was a pretty quick card to make. When would I give it to anyone? Who knows!? What's your point?! Now go back to whatever you were doing, and remember to look up at the sky on April 14th. That would be the day before the lines form at a Post Office near you.


  1. Being a Pagan, I do look up several times a day. ( probably should be watching where I am going )

    How many times have I called you to tell you to go outside to look at the clouds or the sunset?

    Thanks for letting me know there is an actual "look at the sky day"
    ( IMHO I really think it should be done everyday )


    WV - shinzt

    Make hay while the sun shinzt.

  2. I must be a Pagan too...I'm always looking up at the sky...especially at night & when there's a full's just so pretty. But mostly it's when I go sit outside to get my vitamin D...I just look up at the clouds (or here in north Sydney, the planes!!!) and admire how beautiful it is. I'm thrilled that there is an actual day for it and if I wasn't so busy I would take a blanket out to the back yard and spend the whole day looking up at the sky. Ok, I'm really tired and making lots of typos, so it's probably time to go to bed.
    But before that...I think your card is lovely...your clouds are especially pretty...a very clever idea indeed.

  3. oooooooooooooooooh! and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, even! i love this, it's beautiful, it's peaceful, it's pretty, it's perfect for ANY (or *no*!) occasion!

    had to laugh at the birds covering a smudge... (YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH IT CHEERS ME TO HEAR THAT; i am sure it makes me a bad person, but there ya go!) ...and also that the divine clouds are LABELS...which of course i can see *now* but i was totally taken in by their flawless cloud impersonation!!! :)


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