Monday, February 25, 2013

Can These Cards Be Saved?

I'm working on the new OWH Sketch Challenge:

 I did some in that orientation, and some like this:

I hacked up some 12x12 papers for 30 cards and had them mostly assembled by Sunday night. Tonight I put in all the brads, and as I finished up card #30, my heart sank. For all the horizontal ones I put the brads in the wrong corner. ACK!

I need your help and opinions, please. Here is one with the correct brad placement:

Here is how I did them all wrong:

Not horrible. Okay, maybe it is. :(

And here is one I tried to save, then stopped doing any more:

I know, I know, they are FINE. But the whole point of this exercise was to have a focal point (the oval), and I think with the added brads of my attempted save, all I see are too many brads.

So, should I let it go? Do the save? Heeelllllllp meeeeeeee. *weeps*

Thanks. Sigh.


  1. I think the top two are totally fine. The one with four brads, I think add another two on the left panel. Balance it out ??

  2. Just have the one brad at the bottom, directly under the other two. Odd numbers are good.

  3. Regardless of the sketch, I like the first one the best. Four brads are too many and adding another may or may not help.

  4. All of them look great to me, but what do I know? And I am LOVE with that Hero Arts sentiment!!


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