Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SOS #89 - Birthday

Happy Tuesday! It's time for another Shopping Our Stash challenge, and this week it's an easy one: Birthday! Yep, make it a birthday card, and use your stash to do it! How easy is that?

I went through my dwindling Heaplet and found a nice, bright piece of paper that screamed BIRTHDAY, then made this:

This card is 100% remnant, including the base, and yes, I am very proud. The striped piece under the ribbon is the back of the DSP strip I trimmed off to make it fit. A few red remnants for layering, a white remnant for the sentiment ... The only thing new is the ribbon, and it's "Maize", so it's so old it was before SU started naming their ribbons to match their colors.

I did the ribbon in two pieces instead of just tying the ends into a bow. Sigh. I'm much better at tying than I am at piecing these things. I added some glossy accents under the bow and then added more security by tying a piece of red twine around the whole thing to make sure it stays put.

Now it's YOUR turn! Go into your stash and find some stuff, make a birthday card, then come back to Shopping Our Stash to link us up so we can see what you've made!

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  1. Wow, that is some old ribbon. I didn't even know that SU didn't always name the ribbons to match!
    Love these bright colours - seriously, red/blue/yellow just shouts birthday all over!

  2. i think SU named the ribbon that b/c they knew it would look A-MAIZING!!! ok, sorry, my "snappy comment maker" is on the fritz. havin' to do them manually. never at my best at 9am, etc, etc. IOU an actually FUNNY comment at a later (& me being me, probably totally inappropriate) date! in the meantime love♥LOVE♥love this bright and cheerful card!!!!!

  3. I think I saw that piece in your heaplet on your post from the other day. The card is wonderful, I love the bright colors.

  4. Leslie, this makes me smile all over! Love the pretty pinwheels in that DP! Great card.

  5. What a HAPPY birthday card, Leslie! Those bright colored pinwheels DO shout "celebrate" don't they! Such a cheery card. Love your double bow..its perfect!

  6. Leslie - This is a great card! That paper is so fun for a birthday and I love that you used scraps and even old ribbon! Good job!


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