Tuesday, February 26, 2013

OWH Sketch #161

Last night I posted a major whinefest, because while making my 30 (yes: 30) cards with this sketch, in about half of them I put the brads in the wrong corner of the card fronts! ACK! I had several comments and several emails and several tweets with suggestions, and they were all great. Thank you so much!

Eventually I decided to use a scheme of my own to save these. I removed the errant brads*, put them into the correct corner of the card, then filled in the holes with ... well, just see for yourself.

First, the sketch:

which, of course, I had to turn on its ear for a few of my cards:

Here is a card with the relocated brads:

I threaded some of the twine through the old holes to fill them in. I think it's subtle enough to still have the oval be the focal point of the card. In other words: what draws your eyes first. You'll see some more saves here in a moment, but I'd like you to notice that twine. It's yummy! I got a few spools from Timeless Twine, and you'll see some more around these parts as soon as I invent projects to use all the colors I got.

But this post is about the cards for OWH, so let me get back on track. Here's a few (gah) pink ones:

I actually placed these brads correctly. And isn't that brown & pink twine nice? I don't think it detracts from the focal point. If anything, it draws your eyes over to that part of the card. If I'd had extra holes to fill, I don't think this one would have worked.,

And a darker pink one:

There's a story here, too. A second save, if you will. You see, I was working out of my bin of 1/4 sheets of card stock, and it's all very organized. I would just go through them and pick out a piece that worked with whatever paper I was using. Luckily I had enough for most of the cards and didn't have to cut into much virgin card stock.

However, see the oval? It matches the background layer and the strip on the front. Guess what? I only had enough to cut one of the ovals. I actually ran out of a color of card stock! I had to move to Plan B for the remaining two cards, and this is what came out:

I put another layer of the darker pink behind the lighter one, and added a strip across the middle, too. Then the ovals worked. Phew. I decided I like this version better than the other one, too.

Moving on, we have some green versions:

This may be the only one that breaks the focal point attempt. The dotted paper is pretty busy, but hopefully that chunk of white still draws the eye.

Here's a lighter green one:

I think this is Mellow Moss card stock. Oh, all these brads are from my vast collection of Every Color Brad Ever Made By Pink Hedgehog Paper Crafts. Their colors coordinate perfectly with all the SU card stock colors, and I got them all a loooong time ago.

Here's a blue card:

I'm kinda partial to this one. I know you're not supposed to have favorites, but, well, it's my favorite. Check out that twine:

YUMMY! And if anyone can tell me why one side of my bow always twists like that, I'd appreciate it.

One last set of cards:

Ah, yes, we're back to the save technique here. I had 11 of this color to re-do. Yup. Why do you think I was so frantic?  I have a few with that pattern paper and the rest with this:

All these papers are from the SU Sweet Pea 12x12 paper pack that I'm slowly disappearing. All the color + white twine is Divine Twine from Whisker Graphics, and the multi-colored twine is from Timeless Twine. I also tweeted them and told them if they want to make a Navy & Kraft twine, I'd be happy to Beta Test it for them. heh heh

That's it - 30 more cards for OWH. Oh, just in time for tomorrow's mid-week throw-down. Hmm, I wonder what it will be ...

Thanks for stopping by!

* Please note: the brads weren't errant, because they didn't do anything wrong. They did exactly what they were told to do. *I* was the errant one, and it's just not fair to blame them.


  1. I am crowning you the Queen of Saves! Holy Moly those cards are great! I chuckled to hear you saying the twine was "Yummy" not once but twice, but it really is yummy. Great job my creative peep!

  2. So super pretty!! I love that green one, but I AM partial to green. Great job on all of them, Leslie. :)

  3. I agree with Wendy, you are the Queen of Saves, along with Queen of Washi Tape. I think these cards turned out quite lovely.

  4. Wow Leslie, fantastic group of cards and a fantastic save!! The twine is a nice touch and yes, it still allows the focal point to be strong. Love that you flipped the sketch on its side. Thanks so much for playing this week!


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