Wednesday, February 6, 2013

CAS2 Homework - Day 8

I know, I know, I've skipped a few days of posting, but it's not for lack of stamping. Actually, I've stamped a lot, and it's all pretty trash. I have failed miserably at the homework for both Monday and Tuesday's sessions. However, tonight's is not too bad, so you'll get to see it.

I didn't manage one-layer, but I did use a new technique ... I created a plaid design! Lookie:

There are way more layers here than you think, mostly because I don't take my time when I stamp after work, and I made messes. That white layer started out as a card front that had to be salvaged when I managed to get ink on the back of it. Then I thought I was being smart when inking the edges of the new card front and I managed to get ink on the inside of that card. Finally I cut off the front and put it onto a third card base.

The heart is one-layer, though. I masked and stamped and cleaned and stamped until I had that handsome plaid. I kinda like it, right down to its weird edges. I was going to layer it onto blue when I decided to try for fewer layers by inking the edges. You already know how that turned out, but at least the blue edges match the blue in the plaid.

I colored the pearls with Copic BG18 which I declared the same color as Distress Evergreen Bough, or maybe Peacock Feathers. Either way, I think they work.

In other news, this has been the longest. week. ever. Has it been for you, too? I woke up thinking it was Friday, but it was only Wednesday. If you are on vacation, this is a good thing, but I'm not. This might explain my mojo-less Monday and Tuesday, which should have been at least Wednesday and Thursday. But this also means there are two more days of class, so in the end, I win. :)

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  1. ...and we have a winner this fine Wednesday! That plaid heart is the bomb!

  2. Love the plaid heart, and the tale that goes with it!

  3. Your plaid turned out very pretty and the edges make it look kind of like fabric! It took me an embarrassing long time to make my plaid, but it is fun to try all the techniques they teach us. Some work well, and some, well... we need to practice more. haha

  4. I was thinking fabric too! I love how it turned out - and I took heart in your tale of woe, because I've already spazzed ink onto 3 different card bases this morning....thus the computer break ;)
    And yes, why does this week feel so long? Probably because all over FB and the radio all anyone is talking about is the big snowstorm coming this dread of that. 40 cm before it's over. *yay*


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