Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cheer Up

I'm still going through my box of "hasn't seen ink yet" stuff, and I came across a Paper Smooches set. They are all so stinkin' cute, how am I to resist purchasing them? So why haven't I used this set before now? I DO NOT KNOW!


See? So cute. It makes me think of the cute dinosaur a tweep got me when I complained about someone who ate only crunchy things, and only at her desk, and all day long. We call him the Crunchasaurus. heh heh

The tan card base is a remnant of Core'dinations, and the piece of dotted paper is also a remnant. Actually, even the white and grey are remnants, so I WIN! :)  The twine is from Lawn Fawn, and I was going to tie it on the right and have the grumpasaurus on the left, but nooooooo, BRAIN CLOUD (name that movie) and I punched the hole* on the left. Sigh. I went to Plan B, but ugh, this is why I don't stamp after work, people.

The card base is only 3 3/4" wide, so I had the sentiment hang over both sides.

Since the card base is Core'dinations, it's not real great for writing on, so I did something not often seen in these parts: I lined the card and stamped on it! See:

It's very WHITE, but I did stamp on the inside, and needed to document it for posterity. Thanks for bearing with me.

And thanks for stopping by!

* Yeah, I punched a hole. That's a no-slip tying job there, ala this tutorial I did last week over at CYDI.


  1. bwahahah I remember the Crunchasaurus!! LOLOL!!

    Adorable card!

  2. Two posts in one night! You made my day! This card really is a case of win, win!

  3. I love the grumpasaurus - he is stinkin' cute!

  4., chew at home ;) This adorable set is totally on my wish list.
    It's killing me: what movie? I can't for the life of me figure it out :(

  5. So cute. Must have.


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