Saturday, February 23, 2013

Shabby Mosaic

I don't know about you, but between the classes I take, the blogs I read, and Pinterest, my brain is overflowing with ideas. So many ideas, in fact, that my brain becomes constipated and my mojo runs for the hills. A long time ago, when my childs were small and in Montessori, part of the training was for parents as well as the students. I am trainable.  One of the lessons I took away is: given too many choices, you just shut down. That's why a child sitting in the middle of a room full of toys is "bored", and that's why we stampers get constipated brains. Of this I am convinced.

I've found that I need to just keep going. Just keep pushing on and trying things. Eventually a little light will go on and I'll break free and create. That just happened about an hour ago.

Here is my progression:
1. The ABNH challenge posted on 2/15 is Vintage/Shabby Chic.
2. My brain said, "La la la I can't hear you." I can't do Vintage/Shabby Chic. Pffth.
3. Libby made an awesome mosaic card here on 2/22.
4. I wanted to try this!
5. My mojo took a hike.
6. Today Michelle posted a Shabby Chic/Vintage Simplified lesson over at ABNH.
7. This afternoon someone complimented Libby on her mosaic card and I remembered I wanted to try it.
8. My brain said, "AHA!"
9. I made this:

I started with some cut-offs of Basic Grey Curio papers, which said "Vintage" to me:

I made it hard and cut them into tiny not-square shapes. Square would have been easier. I stuck them to a piece of linen paper and after it dried I die-cut the shape.

I had a piece of Hero Arts Pool Designer papers that I "dirtied up" a bit with Distress Old Paper ink. I also distressed the edges of the card base while I was at it.

For the ribbon, I took a piece of eggshell seam binding, put it into a zip-top bag, schmeared some Old Paper ink onto the inside, spritzed it with water, then rubbed it around, repeating the ink + spritzing until I was happy with the color. Then I dried it and tied it onto the card over the mosaic piece. Mary Dawn taught me how to do this here, and I will be forever grateful to her.

I had a bunch of  the ribbon left over, so I folded it over onto itself and tucked it between the legs of a brad from SU that I then straddled around the ribbon and anchored on the back of the green layer.

To finish it off I stamped a sentiment that is usually too sugary for me to use, so of course it's perfect for this card. :)

Shabby Chic/Vintage. Check.

If I can do this, so can you. Why not check out the challenge over at the ABNH blog and play along, hmmm?

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used but not linked below: Basic Grey Curio 6x6 paper pack, SU brad, seam binding, linen card base from


  1. Yay, I'm so glad you tried it! Very cool! And wow, you did make it harder with those random shapes, LOL. :-)

  2. You freaking rock!!! WOW!!! This card is incredible!!!

    On a side note...I totally believe what you are saying. I have stopped for the most part of going to Pinterest and reading my Google reader. I get too many ideas and I can't make one single thing. Since I have stopped the ideas are just pouring out of me.

    Way to push through the fog!!!

  3. My jaw literally dropped when I saw this card! You did everything right when you created it. Welcome back to your mojo!

  4. I think I just had an epiphany -- too many choices.. I feel frozen and I have too many choices!

  5. A lovely result. Gotta remember the seam binding coloring trick. Cool! :-)

  6. PS So true about too many choices. Welcome to my life. :-)

  7. Nice! I love it. I completely agree with you about too many choices. It's one reason I need to do some serious purging, I'm surrounding by pretties that stop me from creating.

  8. i looove going inside your brain crafty brain i am cracking up over here hahaa. it seems like you are no longer constipated, cuz this here is a good one!

  9. Very pretty and I love the seam binding.


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