Sunday, February 10, 2013

This Is What Happens ...

This is what happens when I clean, er ... straighten up in my craft room: I find stuff. It's mostly UFOs or things I just couldn't bear to toss. Today I took off the stack o'stuff clogging the right side of my desk, triaged it, recycled most of it, and made several smaller piles. Lookie:

For those of you who are new here, this is just shy of a miracle. My main goal is to see as much of that grid paper as possible. Above the grid paper are some UFOs and all my go-to items. It's a very happy collection.

The ONLY thing on the right side of the grid paper now is a stack of white scraps, mostly the backs of failed cards. These become sentiment banners or die-cut pieces, and it's quite handy to have them right there.

On the left side of the grid paper are things that have all become cards since this photo was taken. Yep, it's been a busy morning here. For this post, I've used the strips of paper at the top left of the grid paper to make two cards. I'll show you the rest in future posts.

Here are my 5-minute creations from the strips of paper. First up:

The strips of paper were left over from one of my 6x6 paper pack disappearing acts. I don't know how I missed them, but now they are gone.

To attach the twine, I lined up my T-square on the edge of the card and poked a hole on either side of the banners with my paper piercer. Then all I needed to do was thread it through and tie the bow.

Here's the second card:

It may appear this bow has extra legs, and it does! This is what happens when you cut the twine too short so all you can do is tie a knot instead of a bow, then you decide it really does need a bow, so you add it over the knot. What you get is a four-legged bow. I suppose I could have said I'd discovered a way to get four legs on a bow, but I'm not that good, and you know it.

In other news, I'm scaring the bajeebers out of Bobra because I turned on the ice maker. I don't use ice, so I don't bother running it, but last night I needed a vat of margaritas, and it calls for ice. I used what was left that hadn't evaporated (or whatever ice does as it disappears), and then I fired up the ice maker to make new ice. The sound of dropping cubes is quite alarming if you're not used to it, and we're not. I live in a basically ice-free zone. Poor baby. I'll turn it off soon.

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  1. Poor Bobra! I can see me jumping with all the noise too.
    I just used some of the blue paisley-ish paper myself the other I loved that paper pad. So much I bought & used it twice :)

  2. So pretty! Why can't I make simple cards look so good?? I need to steal, errr, borrow this design and make a big stack for OWH!!


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