Saturday, February 23, 2013

Playing With a Dahlia Die

I am not dead. Nope. My mojo may be dead, or at least on a loooong vacation, because it sure isn't here. I played every night last week and mostly made pretty trash. I would play, get disgusted, throw up my hands and just walk out. It's been a rough week.

This morning I went back in, locked the door, and swore I wouldn't come out again until I made something blog-worthy. As I dug through the discarded projects on my desk I found some that I no longer detest, even though there is no love.

It all started last week when Lisa Carroll posted this card on her blog. I have both of the Simon Says Stamp Dahlia dies, and they needed to be used so I could put them away. I have had this idea to do white-on-white, and I tried to make it. I really did try.  Here's that card:

It started out as a full card front. Over time it got adjusted and trimmed to a panel. All the flowers were die-cut from SU Shimmery White card stock. I used Matte Multi Medium as the glue. I think it could use a silver layer, but then it wouldn't be white-on-white. There's probably a reason I don't make white-on-white, and you're looking at it right here.

Moving on. I thought I'd cut some more of the detail flowers from Shimmery White and put them over a shimmery solid. I have a small collection of shimmer Bazzill. This is what happened:

I thought maybe ... sigh, not feeling the love.

One more:

I think this is my favorite of the three. I like that I almost matched the Bazzill paper with some washi tape, and I kinda like the pop of the red-orange enamel dots.

Maybe it's all that white space. Yeah, I'll bet that's it.

Thus ends this portion of my whine-fest. I'm sure there will be more to come.

Thanks for stopping by. :)

Products used but not included below: SU Shimmery White card stock, Bazzill shimmer green card stock.


  1. GIRL...if you have no mojo and bang out this stuff I am really excited to see what you do when your mojo is in full swing because these...FREAKING ROCK!!!! WOW!!!!! Love them ALL!!!

  2. OK, your quote of the day? Arguing with a five-year-old? WELCOME TO MY WEEKEND, lol. Except he's 14.
    That does sound like a crummy week :( I know YOU aren't the happiest with these, but I think they're stunning! Especially the white-on-white!

  3. I like them all but the last one is my favorite, too. The second one might have been better with an orange dot in the center, to coordinate with the washi tape.

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