Tuesday, February 12, 2013

OWH Sketch, Take 2

I had another idea for the current OWH sketch:

so tonight I made this:

Yeah, it's much like others you've seen on the Interwebz. Yeah. that balloon element isn't part of the sketch. BUT, I did use over one foot of washi tape, so I'm okay with that other stuff.

Along the way I played with my Inktense water color pencils, and also had a happy accident. I set out to only color the balloon red & white, which meant I only needed to color the red. It was all going swimmingly until I tried to match the blue in the washi tape with my Inktense pencils for the bow, and I was back to my old "I can't get it light enough" dilemma. I tried to color it with two different colors, and along the way I accidentally colored one of the white sections below the ribbon blue. I did. Then I tried to erase it. It didn't. But it made it really, really, really light, so I colored ALL of the white with a blue pencil, using very light touch, and erased it. It's no longer white white, but it's also not really very blue, either. Me likey. :)

Then I gave up on getting the color right for the ribbon, stamped it over another piece of the washi tape, traced it with a black Sharpie, cut it out and paper pieced it. Now it matches. I lightly colored the two stars with the blue pencil, too, and covered them with Glossy Accents. The Glossy Accents acted as the water element and blended the blue pencil nicely. That wasn't even planned.

Wait, did I say paper piecing? This could qualify for the current Snip 'n' Stick challenge over at A Blog Named Hero. :)

I'm glad this turned out pretty much as I'd imagined it. It's such a nice change from the past mojoless week. I hope I've broken the spell.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I was so happy to see that you had stamped tonight! Your card was such a success! Yay for those happy accidents. Great job.

  2. That cloud background is washi tape? Get outta town! It's fabulous!

  3. Fabulous! Love the use of washi & the coloring!

  4. Looks like your mojo is back! Thanks for the tip about the blue/eraser. Your wash sky is brilliant!

  5. Great card - I hope you'll link up at 52 Card Pickup again this week!


  6. Another terrific card from you Leslie. Wow, you're on a roll. So hard to believe the sky is washi tape... I love it! Thanks for playing again!

  7. I love the washi tape background.

  8. beautiful card! like how you used that washi tape!


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