Sunday, February 10, 2013

OWH Sketch #159 Prototypes

These cards (really card fronts) are a work-in-progress, unfortunately, and not finished cards. But I worked on them forEVER, so I needed to share.

Here is this week's OWH Sketch:

What's extra-cool about these OWH sketches is they come with measurements, so NO THINKING REQUIRED! Bonus!

Now, a few weeks ago I took a pack of 12x12 papers that I'd bought by mistake (What, that never happens to you? Yeah, right.) and hacked it up into 4x5.25 pieces, thinking I'd make them into cards once I found just the right sketch. Today I thought this sketch might be it, so I tried a few variations of an idea, hoping to find one that would work for a bazillion cards. Here's what I have so far:

First one:

Boring. No contrast. All grey. And the You is too high. Also, folding that banner was not something I want to do 40 times. Oh, and that polka dot strip is the back pattern on that paper; it's cut from a scrap.

Second try:

Much brighter. So bright in fact, the You die cut in white got lost in all those dots, so I opted for Plan B, which was to put the YOU on the banner (flat this time) and stamp the rest of the message onto the white part. I think there's too much empty in the top of the polka dotted circle.

Third and last for today:

I think this color is almost dark enough for the You die cut to work. Still no contrast, though. I might need to color in a few of those polka dots or something. It needs a third color somewhere. Maybe a tiny red heart. I also considered making the You red or yellow or some other color. That could work.

I'm still not feeling the love, and it's important that I do, because I have all these papers left:

I told you it was a whole pack of papers.

Oooooh, I just had an idea! I'll let you know if it works out or not.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. i like the last variation! huge kudos to you for trying so many styles! I wouldve stopped after one haha
    -Rachel w k

  2. I like all three but I think the last one might have to be my favorite. I'm sure you will start to feel the love soon. Remember, as long as the heroes feel the love, that's all that counts and I'm sure they will. Great job on these.

  3. I agree with both you and Rachel...just keep at it! What did you come up with? I think you are definitely on the right track! tfs!!!

  4. Ha Ha! I made a trio of cards for another challenge today too! LOL I just couldn't seem to get it right - but actually I think you got all 3 cards right! My favorite is the first one with that folded banner! NJ on all of them!

  5. Love the papers!!!! No accident there!!! I am glad I am not the only person that has to make the same card over again to improve it!

  6. I like them all. I always start out with at least 3 images and with each card I tweak it as I go along. I really like the folded banner on your first card and I don't think they need a third color at all. There's just something classic about them the way they are.

  7. Hi Leslie! You've been busy with those gorgeous DPs! I especially like the red & white polka dot version! Have fun!

  8. Well I love them all. Guess that shows what I know... ;-)

  9. Haha! I just did this with a 12x12 pad too & now I have a huge stack of paper and no plan :/

  10. Leslie your cards are terrific! Love the variations of your sentiment elements and the coordinating paper strips. I could be happy with this happy mistake. :) Thanks for playing this week!

  11. well, you know, i like ALL of these, but sometimes the "event" of the day and the thing you love best is that last minute "oooooh! i just had an idea!" and it's my belief that you only get there when there is non-love happening; when i LOVE the first thing i make, i either just stop with that one, or make a few more just like it. which is fun too, but not as "stretchy" iykwim, & i think you do! ♥

  12. It's really fun to see such a wide assortment of ideas and cards made with similar/same products. I love them all :). Thank YOU for sharing!


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