Saturday, February 16, 2013

I Got Distracted

I did. I got distracted. It all started when I made a card for the current Clean & Simple challenge:

My brain immediately knew what to do. I needed to use my Paper Smooches Pretty Phrases stamp set -- the one with the big words -- and use pretty paper top and bottom. So off I went to the craft room.

I made one:

Isn't that the perfect sketch for these sentiments? Then I tripped over my tripod, which I'd set up last night to remind me that I wanted to figure out how to do videos, so I made another card and played with filming. The filming didn't go so well... I need to play with the camera angle. But I got another card out of it:

Then I rearranged some of the stuff on the floor (whaaaat, it's a flat surface and fair game) and moved the tripod again, and tried filming another card session. I really need to work on that camera angle, but I got another card out of it:

I put away the camera but kept going. I decided to disappear the rest of that paper pack. I cut all the papers to 4x5.25 and made all of them into cards using the same sketch and Paper Smooches sentiments.

Then I couldn't stand the thought of putting away all those 2" strips of paper, so I paired them up, cut them to 2x4", stuck them to black layers, put a neutral 4" strip in the middle, stamped them with various sentiments, and came away with seven or eight more cards. Here's one:

For this one I colored the enamel dots with a black Sharpie. I got that idea from Dixie in this post. I really like the enamel dots because they are pretty flat, but I don't have any black ones. I'm not sure they even come in black. Must research.

Here's another one:

I got all crazy with this paper and switched the bottom piece so I had green on both sides for balance. Then I got lucky and found some enamel dots in the right green. :)

One more:

You can see the top and bottom strips of paper are exactly the same. Well, I can.

So I've pretty much disappeared that pack of Memory Box Rhubarb Tart paper. I ended up with over 25 cards, and I have two pieces left that I'm going to use for the 11:00 am OWH challenge to make a critter card. I can make two! :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I like it when you get distracted - look at all the lovely cards! The camera angle thing is difficult with a regular tripod, but if you have a shelf or something above your desk, a GorillaPod would work great. They're pretty inexpensive and they are flexible, so you can wrap them around things. Have a look on Amazon. And please let me know if you find black enamel dots, I haven't found any, I'd love to find some black epoxy dots, too. They would make good centers for flowers.

  2. i love that second-last card. the pinkish paper with green & black is AWESOME.

    and thank you for balancing the greenish swirls. my little matchy-matchy-ocdish self would've been snaky had they been both on the same side.


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