Sunday, February 1, 2009

B&W + Color + Stash = Success!

Many moons ago, I saw this post on June's blog. I do not remember if I already had the exact same cards from Mike's, or if I went out and got them. Either way, they have been in my stash ever since, and I have not spent nearly enough time trying to use them.

For some weird reason, I cleaned a few square inches in The Other Room today and in the process I re-discovered the bag o'cards, and I decided NOW was the time. So sit back, because I have been a busy stamper today!

This first card uses the flocked set of note cards. I cut off the card fronts and layered them on black. I had some cool red ribbon from one of my last sprees at Recollections, and I thought since it was so soft it would be perfect with the flocked design. I also added a skinny black ribbon over it, just, well, because I could, I guess.

I did not want to add sentiments to these, so in my pea brain, boxing them as a set seemed logical. I am not sure why I keep making gift sets of cards, since they do not sell, but who knows, maybe this will be the year I sell a lot of boxes of gift sets. I'll report back on how that effort is going later this summer.

This is the next set of cards I tackled. The cards have a B&W top flap that covers about 2/3 of the width, and there is a dark grey pattern on the exposed inside edge. On each card, I decided to cut off the B&W front piece, cut it in half, and also cut off the dark grey strip from the inside of the card, leaving me with three strips. And this is what I did with them:

I layered the three strips onto an Old Olive panel, leaving the green showing through around all of the pieces. I was afraid it would look too Christmas-y with the Real Red base, but it turned out okay!

I used a piece of shiny green olive-y ribbon from my Box Of Green Ribbons, used some of my never-ending last-year's SAB rub-ons, layered the ovals onto black wide ovals, and added some black bling bling (or 'bing bing', if you are Lauren Cooper) from the same stash where I had found the cards. Not too bad!

I made three of the Love cards (above), and one each of these sentiments.

I decided I'd put enough labor and materials into these that they will be sold as individual cards.

But wait, there's more! The next set of notes also had a 2/3 front plus an inside strip, but this time I decided to work with just the dark grey strip and treat it like SU's Basic Gray. This is what came out:

I paired it with SU's Baja Breeze DS paper, punched a scalloped edge on one side of a Basic Gray strip with my Threading Water punch, put some Stickles in the holes (you know, because I could), dug up some cool, thin, just-the-right-color blue velvet ribbon from my Box of Blue Ribbons.... Then BR #2 called me. I told her what I was working on, and we decided punching hearts out of the patterned pieces would be a cool addition, and she begged me, nay, pleaded with me to please get them straight. Straight, as in line up the pattern so the punched image comes out, you know, even. I tried, okay?

The sentiment is from my trusty PTI set of messages, stamped in Baja Breeze on Vanilla. I doodled around the edge of the circle with my Basic Gray marker.

See those nice, almost-even hearts? I put them on dimensionals, then added Crystal Effects to make them look like epoxy stickers. Why? Because I could!

That's all I have for this evening. I still have the 2/3 parts of these cards left to deal with, plus I have one more set of unopened note cards. Tomorrow is another day! Well, evening, after the Day Job.

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  1. Wow, you have been busy. I like them all, but I'm lovin' the blue and grey one the best! I actually thought that the hearts WERE epoxy stickers...waaaaayyyyy cool. If I had a heart punch I'd try that myself :)

  2. Your hearts look very nice.
    Only YOU can make uneven look so good.


  3. Now I thought, "Leslie found epoxy stickers to use and didn't give away!" Those hearts are fabulous. I love the blue and grey, but I also love the olive. You are smokin' hot today. Pure genius. The red, white, and black are stunning...always a fave for me :) I can't wait to see what you post tomorrow.


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