Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Crooked Sketch Interpretation

Check out this week's Sketch Challenge on SCS Now look at my card. I took one look at the sketch and my crooked brain saw "bustier". When I got home from the Day Job, I set to work to make it happen.

I cut the heart on my newly-acquired Cricut (jury is still out on that tool in the crooked household) out of some really, really old retired SU DS paper with a lacy/doily pattern I thought would pass as, well, underwear. But nice underwear, you understand.

I used Blush Blossom in an attempt to get a skin tone, and I scored lines (using my Scor-Pal) on a piece of Naturals White to look like a corset. Hey, I tried!!!!!

Then I had a hair-brained idea to add 'ties', and after much poking with the paper piercer, and switching to some waxed thread (I told you I had everything), a bustier was born. But wait! I still needed to add that top layer of the sketch, which would cover up my whole tied thingies ... thingies. So a little light bulb went off and I cut that piece out of acetate. Oh yeah, oh yeah! I added some rub-ons (from my SU 'A Perfect Day' rub-on bulk purchase from way back when) down each side of the acetate so you could see it. Then I cleverly put mini glue dots behind the rub-ons and stuck the acetate down. Then I un-stuck the bottom edge of it, poked some holes in it and tied the bottom bow through the acetate so it was not too bulky under the acetate.

It needed a sentiment, so I went a little bonkers and selected 'oh, baby', I guess because I could. :-)

Did I stretch the bounds of this sketch challenge? Yeah, maybe. But it sure was fun to see it come together!

Time to hit the hay, again. Pesky Day Job. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Another blog I was reading earlier today said that she thought that the 2 circle-y bits looked like you're not the only one!!! I think it turned out FABULOUS!!!!! Love, love, love it ♥
    I didn't know that you'd bought a Cricut....I have been coveting one for a while now...amongst many other crafty goodies....or maybe just a Slice...not really sure. So, give us the Crooked 411 on the Cricut...what do you like/dislike about it???? Spill....

  2. You totally crack me up. Your card is fabulous and totally Leslie. This is one of the things I love about you!

    You have a Cricut? I used to just use the one at the store when I was teaching. I can't justify it yet, though I still covet... It would be on the floor of my craft room, and now that I have it reasonably cleaned up I don't want to use the floor again as organizational space :) I DID buy a Scor-Pal the week before Valentine's Day to make that accordian Love book a whole lot easier and the Ghiradelli box too.

  3. "oh baby" indeed!!!!!!!!
    "HUBBA, HUBBA" even!!!
    (and can i add a "YOWZAAAA" as well?!)


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