Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Curse Of The Creative Mind

My name is Leslie, and I am a hoarder. If I see something I like, I must own it. There is no reasoning behind this, as I certainly do not need anything, but still, it happens. And I know I am not the only one, because every time I shop for stamps and I mutter something out loud like, "I do not need another bird stamp.", the complete stranger (but fellow hoarder) next to me laughs and says, "What's your point?", then we both laugh, shake our heads, and put more stuff into our baskets.

Why does this happen?!?!? Today, I went to Target to buy some plastic wrap and some laundry soap. THAT'S ALL! I did glance at the Dollar Spot, but it was largely empty, so I was safe. But I still had to look, because you never know if there might be something lurking that I needed. Yep, sure enough, I needed these:

Isn't St. Patrick's day just around the corner? Well isn't it? Have I ever, in my entire stamping life made a St. Patrick's Day card? (What's your point?)

Moving on, I happened by the scrapbook section. Like I need stuff from that area, riiiiiight .... But wait, if it is on sale, it's not so bad. Um-hm. So I got some stuff that I just might use some day, including these:

Sigh. I guess I'll add them to my collection of Alphabet stickers.

Then I went in search of a silicone baking thing of small hearts. I saw this very cool post somewhere about how you take your crayon pieces, put them in the heart-shaped cups, and bake them. They all melt together and make really cool embelishments. Naturally, I must own this. Unfortunately, my Target did not have them, so I was saved.

But then I passed the towels on the way to get my plastic wrap. I do not need towels. However, they had some that spoke to me, so I reasoned that my towels are 15 years old, and while they still technically work, I could use a new one. And they were so soft! AND, they inspired me to make a card (after the Clean Sweep).

Can't you just see it? A leafy stamp on, hm, let's say Celery, or maybe Mellow Moss, embossed with Winter White? Hmm? Am I right?!?!?!?! I thought so.

I do believe that is the secret to this hoarding thing: inspiration. I see stuff, I can see what I will make with it, then I buy it. It does not matter if I never get around to making the card that caused me to buy the darn thing, but I suspect this is where 'stash' comes from (from whence 'stash' comes).

So I am glad I did what I did this morning before I headed over to Target. I cleaned. NO KIDDING! I cleaned out a large storage box in The Other Room, then I cleaned out three boxes of stuff! Most of it ended in the cleaned-out storage box, some of it resulted in, "Oh, that's where that is!", and some of it got trashed. Only 198 square feet to go and I'll be done. Sigh. What was in the boxes? Mostly dollar stuff I needed, but have never used. Why do you ask? WHAT'S YOUR POINT?!


  1. If it makes you happy then it's, all you have to ask yourself is, "will buying this make me happy?" If the answer is yes, then THAT'S THE POINT!!!! {that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!} [or should I say *that is the excuse to which I am sticking??????]

  2. Oh how I feel your pain. I have to tell you though that I was strong today...I went into Joann's to buy some bamboo knitting needles (for a baby blanket that I've yet to start and the baby is due in 6 weeks :sigh) and resisted everything else even though I had plenty of 40% coupons which I shared with those in front of me. Why did I buy the bamboo needles? Because I've received a jury summons where I MIGHT have to appear and they don't allow scissors or metal objects. Hmmm...are punches excluded? I would have to take a suitcase into the courthouse...I think my knitting would be less hassle AND I might even get the blanket almost done before Tracey (it's a girl) is born!

  3. You are too funny. The fifth graders at our school have a fundraiser every year where they request broken crayon donations (primarily from the kindergarteners) and melt them into different candy molds (hearts, stars, circles,...) Then they put 5 or 6 into sandwich bags and sell them! They are called Krazy Krayons.

    That towel is inspiring! I am anxious to see your card :) I am a sucker for leaves. I have too many leaf stamps. Why do you ask? What's your point?

  4. Oh thank goodness! I thought it was just me!!!!

    I can soooo relate.

    Saw you at SCS and thought I'd take a look. Nice blog you have here - and I thought I was funny!!! I'll be following!

    (SCS: Glitterbabe)


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