Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Bunny Good Friend Card

I grabbed this stamp set during my last trip to Angela's because it spoke to me. I am not a bunny person, but I really liked the sentiment, and the books. I live for books, though you could not tell that by looking at my stamp and paper collections ....

Ahem. Back to the card. I colored the image with Copics, though I think I need to work on my understanding of the color blending thing. I used three colors that I thought were a shade off from each other, but noooooo, the darker ones were just darker enough to stand out like a sore thumb(s). Or maybe I should say the lighter one seemed too far off from the other two to actually blend correctly. I used E31, E33 and E35, so you'd think ... sigh. From afar I guess he's okay.

I used much stash here. I pulled out a piece of Apricot for the base, trying to 'go with' the Raw Silk color I used on some of the books. The piece of patterned paper is a scrap from my very large collection of now-retired DS papers. The blue is my go-to Brocade Blue; it just seems to go with a lot of what I make. The buttons are from a container of Neutrals I forgot I had.

There was a lot of white space (okay, vanilla space) on the top of the bunny panel, so I layered the sentiment over the top right corner, and decided to do a 'folded corner' look by putting a triangle piece of the blue card stock over the left corner and adorning it with a button to make it look like I meant to do that. ;-) The buttons on the right side were for balance.

Not bad. Now I can say I've used that stamp and can put it away. ;-) Off to create some more! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I like it alot!!! The sentiment is so true too!

  2. The coloring looks good in the pic! Love that you used a virginal stamp and used stash. And I love the card :)


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