Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Multi-Challenge Card (aka: Creative Avoidance)

I am supposed to be working on my projects for my March workshops/classes, so what did I do this evening? I checked out a few challenges, largely inspired to do so by Lauren's {gasp} minimalist creation.

So surfing I went, and I found two challenges I decided to combine into one. First is the caardvarks challenge to use Kraft card stock in your card. Check! Second is Laura's Sketch #20 at 2sketches4you:

The first thing that entered my brain when I saw the sketch was 'lady bug'. Makes you wonder, doesn't it? Last week I saw 'bustier' when I saw the SCS sketch, and now this. I tell ya, if it happens again, I might have to play the lottery, or something.

So here is my creation du jour. It was very easy and has NO stamping. I feel like I am cheating.

The piece of Kraft was already cut - I found it in the Kraft section In There, so I did not even need to cut it. Sweet!

I broke out my relatively-unused SU Circle Scissor Plus to cut the red circle (also from a scrap), and it was sooooo easy to use, even if it was on the floor. The table is cluttered with other tools of the trade, and there was not a 13" square space available. I wanted flat, and I found flat. The floor was just fiiiine.

The black line started as a dividing line for the lady bug's back, and I just continued it down the card to match the sketch. It has no deep, symbolic meaning whatsoever. The dots on the lady bug's back were made using the SU 1/4" circle punch, and were stuck on with glue dots, some of which you can see peeking out from under their dots. I doodled around the red piece to give it more interest. The eyes, now that I look at them, make the lady bug look drunk. Maybe she is drunk - on Spring! Oh, I can feel Spring in my bones...or wait, maybe that's age... it sure is something...

And the eyebrows? What? Lady bugs do not have eyebrows? Well mine do. Ya wanna know why? Because I did not feel like looking up how to spell 'antennae' when I was naming my file, so I called them eyebrows. Anyway, I punched half of the SU Small Oval punch, then punched the Large Oval over it to make a half-oval, like this:

Then I just cut it in half, flipped over the pieces and glued them down. I added more 1/4" circles to 'round out' the ends.

I still needed to address the two rectangle parts at the bottom of the sketch, so I decided to call it 'grass' and cut a piece of much-misunderstood Glorious Green and made grass. To separate the two rectangles (to match the sketch) I added a Filigree brad.

Well, now I guess I really should work on some ideas for my workshops. Oh, would you look at the time! Yawn! I'll worry about that tomorrow. :-) Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great card! So cute and totally creative!

  2. Seems like everyone's been inspired by Lauren today :) I told June we should make a Lauren fan club...LOL! I thought the ladybug was looking at that super cute filigree brad at the bottom of the card, rather than being drunk ;)
    I noticed that there was NO RIBBON!!! and no sentiment....that must have been hard to!
    I think it turned out super it ♥

  3. I love it. Why not turn this into a workshop card and highlight the Circle Scissor Plus?

  4. I agree ... looks like a fun workshop card to me ... adorable!

  5. Very creative and sooo cute! Thanks for playing!

  6. Ha ha!!! That's just awesome. The first time I saw the sketch I told Laura and the DTs that I could only see a ladybug card in the future. Somehow I made something else out of it but for days I only had a ladybug idea :)

  7. What a clever idea....cute, cute card.

  8. You are so creative. Love your antannae technique using the punches...brilliant! I love ladybugs...her eyebrows are adorable and totally necessary.

  9. Beautiful card !!! GReat job !

  10. OOF--this is too funny: when i saw the sketch, i TOTALLY thought, "ladybug" as well!!! :) great minds thinkin' alike and so forth...of course "THINKING" was as far as some of us got...WELL DONE YOU for getting the card made and posted and so fabulously described!!! ♥

  11. Such a pretty card! Love the ladybug ♥♥

  12. This is adorable!! Love that sweet ladybug! Great job with Laura's sketch!



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