Saturday, February 21, 2009

Yellow Corn Bread and Green Puppies

I am in Corn Bread h3ll. I volunteered to make corn bread for a Chili & Corn Bread cook-off we are having at work on Tuesday, largely because my chili recipe went missing. I am not a corn bread nut. I'll eat it with chili, but I'd also eat my chili without the corn bread and be quite happy. So in an attempt to get something passable for Tuesday, I have made corn bread every night this week, and once already today. Like I said - corn bread h3ll. I thought the one from Thursday night would be good, because I scooped out an edge piece and it was fine, but then I discovered the center was molten. Not good.

BR #2 has been mentoring me through this process with very helpful suggestions (and a killer recipe, if only I had a cast iron skillet). Today's approach addressed the molten center, and I baked it in a wanna-be bundt pan. Not bad, not bad, but it still needs work. I am going to have some well-fed birds and squirrels around here this week.

To celebrate this most recent "almost there" batch of the fiendish food, plus the completion of my 2008 FSA submission (yay!), I decided to stamp something. I would like to thank my beloved readers for the "green dogs for St. Patty's Day" suggestions, because this is what I made:

Yessir, green dogs! Being of the mind to not paint myself into a corner when I make cards, I tend to not put specific holiday sentiments on them. This increases the chance of them not going into storage for 11 months, because we all know how much storage space I have in here!

The only victim of this effort was the dog's paw barely sticking out next to the chair arm - apparently I cut it off while trimming the chairs the other day. I colored them in with a marker, but in real light they look weird, so I may go back and stamp that part of the stamp on the patterned paper and make real paws for the fellows.

I printed the sentiment on the 'puter (well, actually I generated it on the 'puter, and printed on the printer, but you know what I mean), and I lucked out that it fit perfectly in the SU Word Window punch without having to re-size it.

The clover/shamrock is made from 4 punched hearts from the SU Heart to Heart punch.

Here's one of the other dog cut-outs. Yeah, a little striped, but still pretty cool-looking.

Did you notice: no ribbon! Although I desperatetly tried to find a way to add it, I ended up with the Word Window punch fold-over (not to be confused with a comb-over, but my mind just went there for no reason whatsoever).

What I used (to the best of my recollection): Stamps: from Purrs & Pants; Ink - Memento black; Paper: SU textured Neutrals, SU Artichoke, SU Haiku DS paper, Bazzill green; Other: SU Word Window punch, SU brad, SU Heart to Heart punch, markers.

Well, I suppose I should go make another batch of corn bread. I think this time I'll try a pie plate with a glass or something in the center. I'll let you know how that goes.


  1. Woohooooo!!!! Love the green dogs...particularly the stripedy ones ♥ Even though I HATE st pat's day I think these are the cutest cards I've ever seen for that occasion...well done!!!

  2. Might I suggest corn bread muffins???? I make mini muffins using the recipe from Crescent Dragonwagon's Soup & Bread cookbook and always get rave reviews. The best thing is that they are quick, easy and already cut! Holler if you would like my recipe.

  3. Love your Laureny "Irish setters."

    I hope you put those cards at your coffee shop :)

  4. as in all things...i'm with june: THE IRISH SETTERS RAWWWWWK!!! ♥♥♥


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