Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weather, and Another CASE

Today I woke up to this:

In these parts, this is SNOW. It is WEATHER, as in, "We had some weather today." This has undoubtedly marooned the Post Office Cell Phone Lady from the other day. I am sure she simply cannot leave her house. In most North East or Midwest or Plains states, this is not even worth mentioning. But yes, it snarled traffic, thanks for asking.

And yes, those are dead mums. It's all the rage, didn't you know? Oh, yeah! If you do not have dead flowers in front of your door, man, you are simply not with the program!

Yesterday and today I received my new catalog goodies from Stampin' Up!, so tonight I set in to steal be inspired by this very cool card from Lydia. Here is my version:

I used a circle instead of a heart, largely because I do not own the SU Heart punch, yet. But also because my other three cards for this weekend's workshops/classes are all about love and mushy stuff, and I did not want a sweetness overload or anything like that.

I tried about 12 different ways to make that full moon. I tried punching out a mask, then brayering Pacific Point ink all over the white card stock, but my brayering skills are lacking, so I bagged that idea. Then I tried punching out a circle from a piece of paper, placing it over the 1/4 sheet of Pacific Point (thus masking everything but the circle), filling it in with my Versamark pad and embossing it, but the tree did not stamp very nicely, plus it was work. My customers looooove embossing, but I also want them to be happy with their stamping, so I decided to save the heat gun for another day. Lastly (um, yeah, that's only 3 different things I tried, not 12. Does it count if I tried several versions of each method?) I tried just punching out a white circle and sticking it onto the card front. Duuuh. Too easy.

I used white brads instead of the bling Lydia used ... please hold .... rats! I just noticed we do not offer white brads. Carp! Oh, well, I'll think of something between now and the weekend. Sigh....

I'm closing in on The Clean Sweep, so I'll have to make some cards tomorrow before I clean up. Thursday I have my massaaaaaage, then Friday I am volunteering at the City's Recreation Center for their annual Valentine Family Night. I'll tell you all about that one later. So tomorrow is IT for stamping until next week. I am sure I'll have p-l-e-n-t-y to blog about (about which to blog) though. G'nite, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Nice grammar....LOL! Actually, it's your perfect grasp of the English language which has led me to nominate you for two new awards. You can see the details on my blog.

    Oh yeah, the card is lovely too. Lydia is brilliant and I love to *borrow* ideas from her :)

  2. Stunning!

    I noticed the "yet" when you mentioned the new SU! heart stamp :)

  3. That is NOT snow. That's frost and hardly worth mentioning. That's what we get from mid-September through mid-November here. That's what we get on a daily basis here if there's no snowfall. Barely worth a mention unless it is by Chief Meteorologist Kevin Williams (a local celebrity) who MIGHT mention that it will be a "snuggle with your sweetie night".

    On a creative note, I LOVE your card and it's simplicity. Sometimes I think we work too hard and simple it better.


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