Monday, February 2, 2009

Let's Talk Turkey

Isn't this little guy stinkin' cute? I got him, well, I do not remember when I got him, but he had never seen ink, so I used him this weekend! He is Cartoon Turkey from the Kim Hughes Collection at Cornish Heritage Farms. I also bought a lot of her other stuff at the same time, also still virgin. I am weak.

I colored him with my Copics and decided to just layer him on Really Rust to pick up the rust color in the image. (Did you know that red thing between the beak and the eye is called a snood? No, really, look it up!) The ribbon is from my stash of Every Color Red Ribbon But The One I Need Box of Red Ribbons, but in this case it pretty much matches. Fancy that! I even pulled out my Cuttlebug embossing folders and selected a non-feminine one. I think this one looks like hardware washers, and you cannot get much more manly than that!

As for the sentiment, well, you'd think with all the sentiments I have In There, I could have come up with something a little spicier, but then I thought this one would work for Belated Birthday and also maybe as a Sorry card, like if you totally forgot you were supposed to meet someone somewhere (also known to the other person as being stood up, but that phrase ends with a preposition, so I cannot say it. Oh, wait ... drat!)

So anyway, he's cute, and I made three. Done! I am still playing with my B&W card parts, so hopefully I'll have something to post tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I never imagined I would use "turkey" and "cute" in the same sentence, but that turkey is too stinkin' cute!!!!

    Very sweet card.

  2. When I saw this card I thought maybe you'd just realised that you'd missed thanksgiving....LOL! June's right though...that is one cute turkey!!!

    You make me are probably the only person left on the planet who cares about finishing a sentance with a preposition...heck, I even know people who don't even know what a preposition is! I think that *being stood up* is actually a verbal phrase and therefore *up*, in that situation, doesn't actually count as a preposition....LMBO!!!

  3. I like that turkey and the card.


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