Sunday, February 15, 2009

Paper Piecing (outta control)

Several years ago, a fellow stamper loaned me this stamp, which is one of the items I 'discovered' whilst cleaning out a box last week. No, she does not miss it, so not to worry.

She had done some sort of magic with PearlEx or something, and I'd borrowed it to try the technique. Apparently, I had not gotten too far, and the stamp got 'put away someplace safe'. So this weekend, I happened by the pile of stuff I plan to bring back to my friend tomorrow at work, and I thought, "Hmmm ... paper piecing?" So I grabbed one of my many unopened Basic Grey 6x6 packs (this one is Sultry) and got to work.

First I made the one on the left, using pieces I thought looked right - green for the grass, a paler pattern for the tree and background. But then I realized I had all those other parts-is-parts left over, so I decided to throw away convention and do a little Lauren channelling.

After a few minutes, I just settled for putting papers next to each other, trying not to use two of the same pattern too close to each other.

I found that green velvet (faux, to be sure) ribbon in the All The Greens but the Right Color Green Box of Green Ribbons. Did you notice three of the four are at the bottom of the card, and one is sorta in the middle? That is hiding a boo-boo, where the tree trunk was not even close to being aligned, so it had to be cleverly disguised.

Not bad for an afternoon! I have also made my cards for tomorrows Under-Appreciated Holiday post, so make sure to check back tomorrow for that one. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. CUTE!!!! Love the Laurenish (yep- that is a real word) the BG paper & LOVE that ribbon...ok, I just love it all ♥

  2. SOOOOOOOOOO gorgeous!!

    The patience of JOB, you have!!


    My secret word is "persessh"

    Persessh - I could NEVER do that!!

  3. these are really cool, and the stamp rocks, do you know the maker? i'd love to get my hands on it

  4. These are charming! You really have patience to cut and paste all those DP's. Lovely.

    P.S. My BF LOVED the Ferris Wheel Day card...

  5. You DO have a Laurenish gene...these turned out GREAT! I especially love the top right anniversary card.

    That stamp was waiting for you to be ready to try paper piecing/Laureny cards :)

    My w.v. is "deabsest"...the cards are de best!

  6. oh
    i'm speechless.
    (can ya BELIEVE it??!?!)
    YIKES these are cooooooool!

  7. most disgusting word veri ever: "PEDGU"...that gunk which accumulates between the toes on reallllllllly hot summer days...

    (& here you thought i'd be kidding about the "disgusting" part didn't ya? comeback "UNSPIT"...all is forgiven...)


    word veri for THIS post= "OUSTIO"...incantation by which you banish me, harrypotterlike, from yer blog for bein' disgusting... (not to worry, i understand!)


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