Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Much-Deserved Thank You Card

When my laptop was limping last week, I took it to a friend's house so he could save the laptop and my few remaining nerves. It took a lot longer than we'd anticipated, so I felt a formal Thank You was in order. Fortunately for me, the card design was easy even though my friend is a guy, because he has one known weakness: coffee. Here's the card:

The coffee cup is A Muse, and I own it now because I finally caved the last time I was at Angela's and it found its way into my shopping basket. I stamped it on some scrap textured SU Very Vanilla (left out from my green-dogs-on-a-chair cards). The dotted paper was also left over, but this time from my cup-cake cards, and the blue bands are pieces of the same paper, just the other side (so they match perfectly). I tell you, this 'not putting stuff away' gig can work wonders on the old inspiration! :-)

The sentiment is one of many in my caffeine collection, and then there's the ribbon. (You know it had to be done.)

On the inside I used my SU Slit punch and stuck in two Starbuck's gift cards. (they are left over from my stash I picked up in December, which explains the motif on the cards ... and no, I do not like Starbuck's much.) And now you should understand the blue bands of c/s on the front of the card - they cover up the backs of the slits. :-)

I think he should be happy, and it's the least I can do for a re-born laptop!


  1. That's a lovely *guy* card.... cute images and the polka dot paper is just gorgeous. I love, love, love the sentiment & am in total agreement :)

  2. that's true, you know; i've never really seen the point of decaf! :)

    AWESOME the way you have made slots to hold the g/c's and then disguised them with what look like purely decorative bands of (perfectly matching!) blue!!! ;)


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