Monday, February 2, 2009

Under-Appreciated Holiday Challenge #4

Another February Under-Appreciated Holiday is International Polar Bear Day, which is celebrated on the 27th. Yeah, I know, I am jumping ahead, but if I stay two weeks ahead of the game, I might actually see this challenge thing through the end of the year! So far, it has been working...

Here is my entry for International Polar Bear Day:

I am quite proud of how much stash I used here. The patterned paper is half of an A Muse card, and I had to open the pack to use it. The igloo, oval and sentiment are also A Muse, and the polar bear and sun are from Rosie's Road Show. I used Baja Breeze ink and card stock, along with Very Vanilla. I outlined the igloo and polar bear with my C-1 Copic marker to help them 'pop' off the page. The polar bear was actually stamped on a scrap and cut out because I had no idea where to place him, and this way he was movable until I decided. :-)

Oh, wait, the sentiment is crooked. Sigh ... surprise ....

Did you Know? It is believed that all polar bears are left handed.

Here is a funny I just found from the Feb. 27, 2007 post on Charlie Cray's site: "Did you know (I'm looking at my Greenpeace calendar right now) that today is National Polar Bear Day? Makes me wonder -- 30 years from now, when the Arctic ice sheets disappear during summer, and someone decides that it's a good idea to move some Polar Bears to Antarctica to help them survive (w/o asking the Penguins), will they adapt very well or not? Maybe, like some humans who have been driven into exile, they will become bi-polar."

You can read more about Polar Bears, and see some really cute pics, here.


  1. Cute card. Your outlining is really good! I enjoyed the bi-polar quote :)

  2. I'm begining to get suspicious that you are actually finding little known holidays that you have stamps to match...OR is it that you just have a stamp for everything....LMBO!!!
    Very cute card though.


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