Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Using Re-discovered Items

When I re-discovered the tree stamp the other day (source: Paper Parachute...it is old), in the same box were a few sheets of 12x12 paper, so in a desperate attempt to not have to put them away, I decided to use them! Crazy, I know! Two of them are cat-themed, so I made four of these out of one of the sheets:

I just LOVE this stamp (source: Eureka Stamps). I originally got him to go with a custom sentiment I had made: "It's all about the attitude!", and I had that made to go with my Red Hat stuff. See? If you have enough stuff, it all eventually goes together. That's my theory, and I'm sticking to it!

I broke open my square Netabilities to cut him out, and I ended up just hand-cutting a Rust layer to set it off a little from the yellow background. The only thing I colored on the cat were his nose and the outline of his body, including the legs.

And the sentiment? Here it is, up close and personal. I think the shades on this guy make the sentiment perfect, don't you agree? (source: Viva Las Vegas Stamps)

Continuing with my use-em-up theme of the day, I also re-discovered a partially-completed card, known in some circles as a UFO (Un-Finished Object). I just added the already-punched hearts (I was experimenting with some of my new DS papers) and the sentiment. DONE! It's kinda plain, but some people like that. I'll put a 1/4 sheet of white linen paper inside so the sender can have a light-colored surface on which to write.

Well, I have another dog stamp out, and I plan to cut into another sheet from my must-have slab of Pet papers. Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. I love your sentiment...that is the best! You have such a great sense of humor.

    Let me know when you need to pick up more BG at Angela's :) I'd love to see you, and provide you with some spending money too!

  2. LOL...as a former cat owner that sentiment rings oh so true!!! That is one cool cat indeed :)

    I like the blue happy birthday card...the punched hearts are cute and your *ribbon treatment* is perfect....a gorgeous CAS card ♥

  3. said cat card ALREADY rocked before i read the sentiment...and then of course...it rocked EXPONENTIALLY!!! ♥♥♥


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