Friday, February 13, 2009

Some Stamping, and 30 Seconds of Fame

The laptop is still in a hissy fit and may not be long for this world, so I have been reduced to working on the PC, which has a tempermental mouse. By tempermental, I mean I am unable to use it to copy and paste, or drag anything, or (more importantly for you, my beloved readers) crop a photo. So sad. I tried to take the pics as close as I could so as to reduce the extraneous schtuff.

But first: I HAD THIRTY SECONDS OF FAME! Okay, maybe not actually fame, but I was in the presence of greatness, and my name was kept secret. Today, as I arrived at work looking like I'd thrown on some clothes as an after-thought as it is Casual Friday and we can wear jeans, I finished putting the elastic in my un-dried hair, and guess with whom I walked into the building? The CEO, the CFO, and ... drum-roll please ... WARREN BUFFETT! No kidding!!!! Then I hit the button for the elevator, two of them arrived (we have three at that entrance), and the three suits got on the elevator WITH ME! Warren and the CFO were chatting about Wall Street and the Stock Market, and as I got out on my floor, the CEO leaned over and said, "Have a nice day", to which I muttered something clever, like, "You too!". Thank goodness he knows OF me, but not enough to call me by name. Man, did I look like a rat drug (dragged) in from the rain.

Okay, enough of that. As you can see, I have STAMPED sumptin'. Yeppers, I gave up on the laptop resuscitation effort and dug into my new stash of goodies from my buying spree on Tuesday.

In addition to this cool stamp from Purrs & Pants, I picked up the sentiment from A Muse to go with it. I also got a slab of Pet papers from Mike's, which of course I do not need, and now gets added to my SABLE list. This card was an effort to justify the collective purchase, if only in my little brain. The paper is really busy, so in an uncharacteristic moment, I cut down the white piece to show more 'busy'. It was just so pretty I did not want to hide any of it! The rest of the card is all Stash. I used up the brown ribbon left on one of the wooden clothespins in my Everything Black, White or Brown Box of Ribbons; the card base is from a miscellaneous pile o'card stock; the blue layer barely peeking out around the edge of the patterned paper is from a shopping trip several years back when I was on vacation in FL and in desperate search of anything resembling card stock; and the doggie bone clip is from a partially-used box of them I got at Recollections many, many moons ago, when they were still in existence.

This is pretty much the same card, but with a different section of the 12x12 patterned paper and a different treatment for the ribbon ('different treatment' ... sometimes I crack myself up!) Oh, wait a minute ... let's see ... that should be 'sometimes ... um ... I make myself laugh' ... no, that's not it ... oh, forget it.

ANYway, it's nice to be back in stampin' mode. But guess what I get to do tomorrow? Buy my tax software. Oh, joy. Luckily I managed to copy my just-about-finished 2008 spreadsheet for The Biz off the laptop and onto a CD so I can port it over to the PC and do all the higher mathematics. There will not be much joy in Muddville until I make it through that task, but I'll be stampin' when I can!

Thanks for stopping by and listening to (reading) my whining. :-) And for those of you with sweeties in your lives, have a happy Valentine's Day!


  1. crack me up!!!! (told you's a verbal phrase and therefore may end in what LOOKS like a preposition!!!)
    Love the're right, that BG paper is BUSY...but too cute not to do something the stamp & the should have no trouble selling these to some doggie lovin' people! Did you use your copics to colour these??? Nice job!

  2. What an exciting way to start the day :)

    Good job using your SABLE stash (you are too funny with your terms!)

  3. And you didn't call my daughter?
    All you had to do was dial her number and hand your phone to Him and say "here, someone needs to talk to you"

    oh and the cards are too adorable



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