Friday, February 6, 2009

Why I Will Never Lose Weight (aka: A Stamper's Lament)

1. I want to get an elliptical machine.
2. I have no room in my Living Room or Dining Room for an exercise machine.
3. To make room in my LR or DR for an exercise machine, I'd have to get rid of the Scrap Heap.
4. To get rid of the Scrap Heap, I'd need somewhere for it to go.
5. Logically, one would think all those scraps belong in The Other Room.
6. I'd need to clear a space on the table in The Other Room to house the scraps.
7. To clear a space on the table in The Other Room, I'd first need to clear a path to the table.
8. Every time I start to work on clearing even a few square inches of a path, I find cool stuff, I get distracted, and I go off to create.
9. I sit at my Dining Room table and make cool cards to post for our collective enjoyment.
10. Sitting so much makes me gain weight.
11. I really need to lose weight, so........
12. Go to 1.

I am doomed.


  1. LOL....this is the most perfect justification for lack of exercise that I have ever seen! I love the way you think ♥

  2. I feel your pain. I'd love one of those, too and I like your reasoning. It works for me!

  3. I have an elliptical (aka dust collector) that I'd like to get rid of to make room for more stuff LOL! DH insists we keep it because he will start using it again, but I'm not holding my breath. I thought if we bought one, I wouldn't have to trek to the gym. The novelty of it wore off in just a few short months.

    I am still amazed how crafters like you and me make so many cards, but our stash doesn't seem to get smaller.

  4. I get up with great intentions to head out to the gym...unfortunately, I pass my craft room (my husband confines me to one room in the house)...and there go the best of intentions...I really need to go though...

  5. Bwaaahhhhaaaaa! My DH always says to me "You're not happy losing weight unless you're paying for it" Meaning.... (1) joining a gym and/or (2) joining WW or Jenny Craig, etc. So, I dropped out of everything. He cooks and he cooks like there's 7 people in the house! Heck, there's only the 2 of us! And he wonders why I can't lose weight!

    I so feel your pain!

    If you're 50 or 50+ blame it on gravity & menopause.
    If you're "not quite 50" you'll be there soon and can blame it on gravity & menopause.
    If you're any younger than 45 - eat to your hearts content because you'll only blame it on gravity & menopause anyway!!!


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