Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gone to the Dogs

Two nights ago I stamped and colored these images, then I sat and looked at them. I do that a lot when an idea I have does not work out like I thought it would. Fortunately for me, I have no life, so I finished these up last night.

First, I stamped the image on white card stock and colored the dogs. Then I decided I was NOT going to color the chairs, so I dug through The Stash and found a cool piece of mottled green paper, and decided to stamp the image again and cut out the chair - 4 times. This was a clever idea until I had to cut around the dogs. Note to self: next time, stamp on the green paper first, stamp the DOGS separately, cut them out and stick them on the chair. (By the way, I have the green cut-out dogs, and I am trying to think what to do with them. Any ideas?)

To get the doily thingie, which was part of the original image, I stamped my Cornish Heritage Farms (CHF) Lace Backgrounder in Sahara Sand on Naturals White and ... cut them out.

And that sentiment? It hides my goof of stamping it directly on the card stock, where it proceeded to become difficult to see. I just stamped it again on white and cut it out with my Nestie, taped it over the original sentiment and anchored it with brads. It is not going anywhere.

Here is a closer look at one of the chairs. (Please ignore that mystery black dot ... dunno what that is...) I think I need to go back and fill in some of that space around the puppies with the Copic, or maybe I should just leave it alone. See why I think cutting out the dogs would be easier?

Here's the other two chairs. You can see where I picked up the different colors of the green paper. And the fact that the doily things stick up actually looks like I meant to get that effect. I love it when a plan comes together. :-)

Ach - off to the Day Job. Ooooh, look at the counter! We are approaching another milestone, peeps! And maybe this time I'll give away something GOOD!


  1. Very nice! Lovin' the chairs, puppies, and the doily thingies.

    Perhaps your green dogs got into something they shouldn't have? Maybe you have some clever sentiment about dying your pet for St. Patty's Day? Just a couple of ideas, though not necessarily good ones :)

    My W.V. is "eurgredi"...does that mean you're greedy, or I'm greedy?

  2. Cute could use the green dogs on another coloured chair for St Pat's day...or make up a sentiment about going *green*....but you probably shouldn't listen to me...the doc upped my meds and my head is definitely not normal...LOL!!!!

  3. for the first and surely ONLY time ever i was actually slightly AHEAD of you, epiphany-wise: "wouldn't it be easier to cut out the dogs?" i was thinking... :)

    awesome outcome though, however ya got there, it came right in the end--BIGTIME!!!

    (ps when cutting out stamped bits on white i generally *do* intentionally color outside the lines; weirdly, it's less interrupting to the eye than plain white is...)

    as for the GREEN ONES...saint patrick's day is fast upon of course i'm thinkin' IRISH SETTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (hahahaha! i *KILL* me!!!!!!)


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