Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yet Another CASE, and Another Bird, Too

Another Lydia CASE; this time it was the card at the beginning of this post. I took her original magnificently simple idea and decided I could not live with so much white space, so I made this instead:

I really like this SU Trendy Trees set! My only challenge is lining up the tree with the trunk. If you want a row of trees, I'd advise you to stamp the trunks first, especially if you think they are going to come out in a straight line, or even close. We all know *I* am genetically incapable of doing that, so do not do as I do, do as I say. I suppose you could use a SAMJ to get the tree tops aligned on the trunks, but I like to live dangerously, so I just eye-balled these. I got pretty close on a couple, too.

For the variegated look on the leafy trees, I colored the stamp with Certainly Celery, Old Olive and Always Artichoke markers.

And that halo over the center tree? If I told you I meant to do that, would you believe me? Nah, didn't think so. I stamped the dotted tree top first, realized I'd missed the tree trunk, so I came back with another more solid top and stamped over it. Eh, it's a mock-up. :-)

Next I have a card that evolved out of another failed project. I started out with my B&W + Color project from earlier this week. I have paired the B&W piece with Gable Green, and let me tell you - it is real purty! I went in search in The Other Room for a piece of paper with Celery and Black in the pattern to add it to the still-boring card, and I found a wonderful piece of paper, but it was Celery and Brown, plus it had birds on it, so I changed my plans and made this:

Isn't that paper cool?!?! It has all those brown bird cages on it, so I paired it with a Choc Chip layer and PTI's Spring Moss for the base. I pulled out my newly-delivered SU bird chipboard and put together that little bird, covering him in a piece of Ski Slope DS paper. I edged the chipboard with Choc Chip marker, and because I am incapable of not slipping (so I always get marker on the front of the DS paper when I try), I went over the top edge of the bird with the marker, too, to ... make it look like I meant to do that.

The do-dads in the top corners are some Thickers I finally opened; the ribbon is from my retired SU Box Of Ribbons; the bird's eye is filled with black Stickles; and finally - the sentiment...that's a rub-on from the SU Chit Chat pack.

And the original B&W + Green card? Still on the table, feeling neglected. I may get to it before the Clean Sweep, and I may not. We'll see. ;-)

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  1. Oh...I LOVE that tree card...and I never would have guessed that you made a mistake with the middle tree...I was thinking that you'd actually made them incredibly straight (for you) That birdcage paper is divine!!! Love it ♥

  2. Love your tree card! I never even thought the "halo" was an error.

    I love that fabulous ribbon on your bird card. I agree, very cool bird cage dp. I just opened some chipboard Thickers today...I'll post it tomorrow :) Great minds, eh???

  3. I Love that tree set! The halo absolutely does not look like a mistake, I thought it was supposed to be a rainbow on purpose! I might have to get one!

  4. i totally believed in the halo tree...i still kinda do...i think ya make up "mistakes" so the sillier ones amongst us (not ME, obviously, but there probably are some) will feel validated.

    also, the trunks on REAL trees are not all totally straight...and these ones are certainly pretty danged good! (again, i'd've never looked at this with a view to tree trunk accuracy/parallellity...but once it's pointed out...)

    still DIGGIN' the bird cards!!! and with regard to outlining and pen slippage...why do you think EVERYTHING i make is *inked* and has a "distressed" vibe...a distressed vibe hides a MULTITUDE of do stick-on rhinestones...oh yeah...


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