Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Crooked Day Off (Caution: Much Whining)

I took today off from the Day Job to catch up on life, and, well, once again I got about half-way through the list before I ran out of day. At least I checked off a few things. ;-)

Lessee, got up around 6 (why in tarnation do I get out of bed earlier on a day off than I do when I have to go to the Day Job!?!?!), and by 9 am I was still in my jammies, but boy-o-boy did I get stuff done. I emptied (EMPTIED) three (THREE) boxes from The Other Room. It's funny how much stuff you save that eventually becomes trash. (If you are keeping score, that's 5 boxes I've cleared out, and I still cannot reach the table. Just making sure you understand the severity of the situation In There.) Moving on ...

I finally got out of the house and got my eyes examined (not my head, my eyes); had a few heart palpitations over the cost of new glasses; went to Chloe's coffee shop to see about swapping out my Christmas cards for some fresher material (they were closed for renovations all of January, so gimme a break, k?); headed down to Angela's in Virginia to return something and to spend an equal sum on new goods...somehow I managed to exceed that amount, but not by too much; crossed back over the river into Maryland and headed over to a customer's house to, um, pick up a, er, new toy (I shall reveal said toy later this week); stopped at the eye Dr to pick up my new glasses (stayed for the fitting, adjustment, etc.); came home to print off an updated list of cards on hand at Chloe's (the original had been misplaced), then I headed back out (which is something I never, ever, ever do); stopped at Michael's to pick up a card tree thingie for my display at Chloe's; headed back to Chloe's to drop off the list and the card tree thingie (all shall be explained if the Manager and I can figure out a set-up); then finally came home and kicked off my shoes.

Then (OMG yes, there's more), I placed the workshop order I'd forgotten to place this morning, and then there's the ever-present laundry. Man, it's almost bed time! Where did my 'day off' go? How does this happen!?!?!?!?! I did not get either of the cars washed; I did not update my Retired Stamps For Sale list; I did not work on my taxes; I did not call the Time Share people to ask them to please take me off their SPAM list; I did not stop at Sears to get a new filter for my fridge; and most importantly, I DID NOT STAMP ANYTHING!!! Oh, the horror, the injustice of it all! A whole day off and NO STAMPING!

However, all is not lost! Last night I only had one customer, so I got to take my own workshop! Funny how nice (and easy) it is when everything is all planned and all the materials are pre-cut. As usual, I messed up a few things and had to make it look like I'd meant to do it that way all along, but with this card, I kicked it up!

Here's the original card (largely stolen from inspired by Lydia):

It's nice, simple, clean. I did eventually replace the illegal non-SU white brads with SU silver brads layered on white 1/4" circle punches for my customers. I also set out my white Chit Chat rub-ons so they could optionally add a sentiment.

My customer last night thought the bird in the tree looked a bit somber, almost spooky or eerie, so since I had time on my hands, I started playing with the rest of the set, and I added some Kiwi Kiss leaves. That made the bird look more lonely than spooky, so I selected the Miss You sentiment. Oh, and those white brads? I live here, so I can do anything I want. My customer used the silver ones, so it was still legal. ;-)

Criminey, it really is time for bed now. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Sounds like a busy day! Shame about the lack of stamping, but I'm impressed about the THREE boxes from the other room though...soon you'll be able to reach that table :)

    I like the way you changed up the card by adding the leaves and sentiment....I think I like it even more than the original, and I liked it alot.

  2. i SOOOOOOOO hear ya on the subject of days off...i too usually get up EARLIER...and then there is just NEVER enough time...o'course...there is never enough time inna work day for that matter...but when you're being paid by the hour it's easier to bear... :)

    i am LOVING this card...especially those optional/extra leaves which are DIVINE...and the great sentiment...

    ps: ta for the MONSTAVID link...cheerage did in fact occur!!!

  3. This may be why we like each other...I wake up earlier on days off too...so frustrating! And I get less done, probably because #! I'm so tired and #2 I think I have all day.

    I assume you went to Angela's too late in the day for me to meet you. Next time :)

    Give us an update about Chloe's, okay?

  4. It IS spooky - I AM spooky. :)

    I LOVE the addition of the leaves. I might have to steal that back!

    It's complete BS the waking up, but it's a good feeling to get all that done.

    I know what you mean about the glasses - WTH??

    I have to get two sets each time so that I can actually see when I have my sunglasses on and it's like 40 freaking bazillion dollars.

    My secret word is "dinum". Like "I wear dinum every day to work, thank heavans!"


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