Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Crooked Stamper - Unplugged

Yes, peeps, my laptop is among the dying, and I have been spending much precious stamping time wrassling with the darned thing! You'd thing that being a Computer Professional prepares me for these situations, but let me tell you: when the network connector says "I see your network, and it is good, but I cannot connect to it, so pttttht!", it makes one weary.

Yes, my PC in The Other Room is working. Why, I am typing on it right now! But all my photo editing software and everything else is on the laptop, and I reeeeealy do not want to re-install all of it in here. And what would I post, anyway, since I am so busy futzing with the laptop that I am NOT STAMPING!

Did you know that both Abraham Lincoln (Prez #16) and Charles Darwin were born on this day 200 years ago?!? I am sure someone has figured out some deep meaning there, but I prefer to think it is just a cool coincidence.

Now please excuse me while I look up the weird things I see on the laptop... it may be savable....


  1. I just wanted to show you my Ferris Wheel Day card, which I finally finished this past weekend! I think it came out really cute.

  2. stamping???????

    It is nice to know that even Computer Professionals can have those kinds of problems though....LOL!!! Good luck sorting it out :)


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