Monday, February 16, 2009

Under-Appreciated Holiday Challenge # 5

Happy Monday, everyone! It's the middle of February, so I get to dip into the March holidays for my next Under-Appreciated Holiday Challenge. This time I selected National Poultry Day, March 19th. I suspect this holiday was created by the combined turkey, chicken, and other poultry farmers of our great land, but it just has not made it to the mainstream yet. I am pretty sure Hallmark has not learned of it, though I did find several online card sites that offerred poultry-themed e-cards.

I was accused of selecting holidays for which I already own stamps. NOT SO! Well, maybe another way to look at this is
perhaps you have not yet realized that I own them all?!?!?! I think I might ... So far the only exception was Ferris Wheel Day, and I am still looking forward to September 19th, which is Talk Like A Pirate Day, and I have no pirate stamps. Yet.

So in honor of Poultry Day, I used one of my ... chicken stamps! And no, I did not buy the chicken and the sentiment at the same time, but I did mentally put them together when I saw the chicken! I think I got the sentiment to use with my Best of Cluck set from SU, but then I saw the chicken, and I made him mine.

The patterned papers are left-over pieces of the Basic Grey Sultry papers I used yesterday to make my paper-pieced tree cards. I had all sorts of strips left, so I put them together to make a striped background.

I used more brown ribbon from my stash, and I thought it was stepping out of the old comfort zone for me to use that polka dotted ribbon with all those other patterns. Once I did it though, I liked how they looked together!

Here's two more, and these stand up like tents, just to be different. Almost all the scraps are gone, and I have used half the pack of BG papers. Yay, me! Unfortunately all this means is I am making room for more, which I have on hold at Angela's as I type this. I am weak.

Stamps by Inky Antics.

That's all for today, peeps! Gotta head to the Day Job to pay for all this paper! :-)


  1. Great cards...LOVE the polka dot ribbon with the patterned papers...tres chic!!!
    I now stand corrected...I realise that you really DO have everything :) If I ever get to the states I am definitely coming to play at your house...if I had as much cool stuff as you do I'd never get any work done...LOL!

  2. What? "almost all the scraps are gone"? Have I been a bad influence?

    I am loving your spring chicken cards too. Proves my theory that you can't make a bad card with BG :)

  3. now see...these are AWESOME!!! why do *I* never think to do "whimsical" and "elegant" together?! well, i s'pose b/c i am not YOU...or june...which seems a pity sometimes...ah well...sterling work, missus!


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