Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another 'Heap' Sunday

Another day in The Scrap Heap, and it has been productive. It still amazes me, though, that it takes me all day to use two pieces of patterned paper. At this rate, I most definitely have Supplies Available Beyond Life Expectancy.

Let us begin the review of today's accomplishments.

I started with this pile of Charbon (Basic Gray & Vanilla), Cherise (Red & Vanilla), and some coordinating card stock and ribbon.

Here is my first creation - my go-to plan to use up the smaller pieces of paper. Plus, I am getting sick of looking at it, so it gave me pleasure when I hacked it into strips. I found a pile of really, really (really) old red card stock. I knew it was old because it was so thin (not SU), and it was perfect for layering, which is why it appears in so many of these photos.

I made a few more of these, then I got a phone call from one of my alert customers. She and hubby were at the World Market store that was closing and selling everything, including the walls, and they had a card rack I just needed to see. I assumed it was too big for my markets, but I filed it away in my brain for future reference. Then I decided it was a lovely day, and anyway I was out of tape, so why not leave the house.

This is the card rack in question. Oh, it would be so perfect to set up one of these for a show! Just think of the professional look it would give to my booth! Oh, yeah, baby! And it was 80% off! Woo-hoo!

Now let's get real. These things are as tall as I am, and wider than my vehicle. Plus, it did not appear to come apart, and even if it did, it would take me an hour to put it back together, and I kinda like my 5-minute setups. Not to mention it was HEAVY, and I do not do heavy. It was the 'won't fit in my car' part that sealed it, though, so I left.

Staples was right next door, so I got my tape and came home.

Back to the Charbon papers. Guess what I found? My sentiment I wanted to use for Multiple Personality Day, but it was missing in action. Actually, it was right where I left it, but I was too blind to see. I decided to just make the sentiment the focal point of the card and call it done. I took a moment and thought back to last year's catalogs and what papers SU had paired with Vanilla, and I think it was Brilliant Blue, so that's why I chose that blue to layer here. See? I did think about it, and there is logic in my brain on a Sunday afternoon, if only a little bit.

Moving on to the Cerise papers. About this time I got really bored and started grabbing things, like my EK Success border punch that I used on a whim on the bottom of this paper. Then I stumbled upon some unopened rub-ons in The Other Room, and we all know how much I loooove rub-ons (not), but I had 'em, so I used 'em. I was pretty excited they had those dark red flowers and that I'd found a red ribbon in my Every Color Red But The One I Need box of ribbons that pertty much did match. To top it off, I used my long-ago-retired-but-I'm-not-ever-selling Mini Mates set and stamped the sentiment in Riding Hood Red. Not bad, not bad. I made another one of these, then I moved back to the Gray.

I was determined to use all the Charbon and Cerise papers I had out (oh, you do NOT want to know how much more I have hoarded In There), but this was the last one I could muster. I had the rub-ons out, so I thought to try these paisleys since they had dark gray and some green (I paired it with Celery), plus there is a little frilly border of blue around the paisleys. After this one, I put away what remained of the red and gray and grabbed something completely different.

I got 5 cards out of this piece of green patterned paper. I also used 5 green DCWV cards I had left, so those are gone, too. Yay!

And that green ribbon? Oh, man, you think I am kidding when I call those boxes of ribbon 'Every Color Of {color} But The One I Need Ribbon'. Not! I went through all the greens, twice, and not one of them went well enough to use with this paper. Not ONE! I ended up using the retired SU Apple Green. Sigh.

Same paper, another rub-on, and a green sentiment. Done.

Last one, and I think you can tell I was getting a bit weary. At this point I called it a day at the Stampin' Table and decided to blog this post and watch a movie. I got The Last King, and I'm gonna plug it in as soon as I hit Publish.

Oh, and in case you are wondering how long this Heap thing is gonna last? Until I get through it, or until I can see a major dent (or ANY dent), or until I need to do the Clean Sweep mid-April. And I did find a box in The Other Room that I fortunately cleaned out some time last month, and that box will receive all the remains of The Heap. And who says I don't plan ahead? :-)

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  1. WOW, what a productive day! You're just a card-making machine; I'm SO jealous! I can only dream about the day that I finally unpack in my new place (of course I have to pack it all up first in the old place) and then make a card instead of just thinking about it...

  2. Man, are you ever making me look like a lazy card maker. You are amazing. Iwant to see a new pic of The Heap so I can compare it to the one you posted earlier. Surely it has come down by an inch :)

    1. Birthday wishes: classic LO, excellent double ribbon!!! I need to remember that...
    2. card racks...I'm with you... oh so tempting and oh so not practical.
    3. "voices" sentiment: YES!!! (I can totally relate). So very Leslie humor...ya gotta love her :)
    4. Just a note red card: This is totally ME!!! And reds that match? Be still, my heart. I love red, I love rub-ons.
    5. Paisley card: Perfect match again. You are awesome, girlfriend.
    6. green cards: I love when I use up those green DCWV cards (worked well for my first set of ST. Pat's cards this year.) Now if I could just match that pale yellow again...
    And no matching greens? I feel your pain. I have so much stuff, and no matches...ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh! And I know you have more stash than I. Perhaps we should start a support group :)

  3. Fabulous cards! And ahhh yes... the classic "I want this piece of furniture but it wont fit in my car" conundrum. I feel your pain. ;)

  4. you make WAAAAAAAAAY more cards than i do. way. more. (*waaaaaay* more!) this is probably another thing in which you could give lessons!!! i looooooove the red one, especially, it *MIGHT* be my fave...tho the b&w patterny one up top is also rather fab...i mean, they are ALL GREAT...i shouldn't single any out, the others will be hurt!

    ( you think one of thhe other personalities was using that stamp the day you looked in vain??! that happens to me ALL THE TIME!!!) :) :) :)

  5. ps: are there really people who have ONE CUP days??!seriously???!? i am having trouble picturing that.


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