Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kitty Update

Thanks to all who have asked for a kitty update.

Kitty had her follow-up visit with the Vet this morning, and let me just say she is not very happy right now ... not even close. Can you say "hissy fit"? The good news is her nose looks much better, so it was probably just the latest manifestation of her seasonal allergies. She can be very creative.

But on the matter of her weight loss, not so good. She started out at 10.5-11 lbs; last week she was down to 10; and now she is under 10 lbs. Considering I put her on wet food this past week cuz she gobbles it up, then has some dry food to snack during the day before her evening feeding frenzy, she should not be losing weight. (Hmmm .. eating more, losing weight ... why can't that work for ME?!?!) The Vet (plus 2 techs) got the fun job of trying to take a blood sample. They took her into a quiet room, and all I heard was a lot of kitty screeching. They came out a short time later, with full vials in hand, and no visible blood on their persons, so that was good, but the Vet said from now on she is a 'sedate to get blood' patient. Sorry ..... Not only was she pissed off, she was pissed on (told you she was upset). The Vet said she was not going anywhere near kitty to clean her tail, and I totally understand.

Kitty was still hissy with me after we got home. Just wait until she finds out the Vet wants her to go cold turkey off the current brand of wet food for a few days. Kitty has some 'digestive issues' which may or may not be contributing to this week's weight loss, and to switch her to a different food, the Vet wants me to get her back on just her regular dry food before I introduce anything new. Oh, are we looking forward to that ... NOT!

I escaped and came to work. Hopefully she'll be calmed down by this evening. I hope she lets me in...


  1. I am soooo glad her nose is looking better. I hope her weight loss issue is as easily fixed.

    Sedation? Oh dear. My furry children (not to be confused with my non-furry children, Julia & Kathryn) are really hissy when they come out of sedation...for several hours. I hope your kitty has a better tolerance for it!

  2. OMG!! Poor kitty!

    Be sure they check for kidney stuff!

    I'm laughing about the sedation though. Spotty had a note in her chart that said "bad attitude".

    Translation - rips your face off like the monster in Alien if you touch her.


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