Wednesday, March 18, 2009

For My Next Trick ...

Remember when I said you'd all be sorry that I took my camera to work? Here is an example of why. Check out this pile of stuff from the Heap:

It is mostly Sahara Sand and some pink (dunno which one), but on top of those is a sheet of Voo Doo Dolls I just printed out on my 'puter's printer. I have that voo-doo doll on my desk, which explains the cube-y-ness in the background of the image.

I took some polka dot paper off the patterned paper pile in the Heap and made this.

Other implements employed include a pair of deckle-edge scissors and some red-edged orange ribbon from my Box Of Every Color Red/Orange/Pink Ribbons that I frayed (poorly - needs some clean-up work), but I liked the splayed effect of the ribbon ends vis-a-vis the doll's arms.

Okay, okay, I s-u-p-p-o-o-o-o-o-o-s-e I could have cut out that image to make it a little cleaner, and I still might. Maybe.

On another note, I opened a fledgeling Etsy store tonight. I think it may be a better idea than my Blog Store, which I simply cannot keep updated. With the Etsy store, I'll only upload one of each card, and as they sell, they take themselves down. I'll see how that goes. I put the link in my right menu bar (so *I* can find it!) :-)

I'm off to cut up some more voo-doo dolls. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. OHHHH! JMO, but PUH-LEASE do not cut out a cleaner image on that voodoo doll. I love it just like it is. And that frayed ribbon...more Leslie genius. Your photographer must have been promoted from amateur to professional, because I thought they were actual little dolls in some kind of shadow box that you opened and stuck an actual little doll on the card.


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