Saturday, March 7, 2009


I give up! These Clean Sweeps will be my death! The Scrap Heap grows beyond reasonable-ness! It obliterates my fireplace!

To counter-act this terrible situation, I take the following oath, publically, and witnessed by all of my three (maybe four) beloved readers:

I, The Crooked Stamper, do solemnly swear to use scraps off The Heap, and only scraps off The Heap, for at least the remainder of the month of March (just to see if I can actually do it). I may use virgin card stock for ONLY the card bases; all other card stock will come from The Heap.

That is all. Back to your regular programming ...


  1. OH WOW!!! I'd like to see that...23 days of using only scraps! I think that if you can do it then you'd deserve a prize...mmmmmm, lets see...NOT craft stuff!!!! If you can do it I will send you a packet of Tim Tams....bestest biscuits in the whole wide world...only available to Australians...'cause we're so special. They're 2 choc biscuits sandwiched together with a choc creamy filling and then coated in delicious'll love them...but only if you keep your vow!!! I'll be watching carefully....LOL!!!!

  2. Leslie, Kitty has obtained your Blogger password and is posting outrageous things such as a vow that you will use up the Scrap Pile.

    Personally, I suspect that she is resentful of all the effort you are putting toward your non-Fur Childs.


  3. Yeah and I am going to post on my blog and clean up my "room"

    I didn't know this was one of those fantasy blogs.


  4. You are so much stronger than me!! I just push the heap away and ignore it until something terrible happens!!

    Hey - my secret word is fieler!!! what the heck are the odds of it being a d away from my name!


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