Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Show & Tell

Time for a little Show & Tell.

Here we have two different unmounted stamps. On the right (that skinny little thing stuck to the top of the other stamp so you can see it) is a true unmounted stamp - just the rubber. (Some companies like Viva Las Vegas Stamps sell their stamps with three mounting options: Unmounted, Foam-mounted, and Wood-mounted. If I am feeling particularly guilty about my purchase, I'll opt for unmounted, since they are about half the price, but I digress.)

The thin rubber stamp part above would be mounted on EZ Foam. The thicker stamp (this one is from Hambo Stamps) in this photo came foam-mounted, so it was silly to put it on more foam, so I asked BR #2 if they (you know, "they") make just the cling part of the EZ Mount, and not only DO they, but she had a stash AND brought it right over. Saved my sorry rear, she did!

This is the package - Cling Vinyl. Who knew "they" made this stuff?!?! Well, #2 knew! This is the stuff used to make those cling window stickers. And apparently it comes in colors, too, but that's another show.

See that silly little red arrow? That points to the sample we snipped off to test. And the test worked.

So the other night, I actually mounted all my unmounted Hambo stamps, and tonight, I used two of them. Shocking, I know!

Here is what I made (still 100% scraps off The Heap, thankyouverymuch). They also had a plumber, but it was sold out, so I got the gardener. Still quite effective, and I think this will be a big seller this summer at my markets. :-)

That's all for this evening... I need to go make peace with kitty. She is still a little hissy about no wet food for dinner.

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  1. I love Leslie cards! This is so Leslie :)

    Hey, is that square-ish top note die another Spellbinders Nestie? Ugh. I am in so much trouble. be strong. Be strong. Be strong.


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