Saturday, March 14, 2009

More Cards From The Heap, and Some Happy Mail!

My s-crap adventure continues, and I have been a busy girl!

This is what I ended up with from that marble-made scrap. I went in a bad direction, then I kept going. What can I say? I am not excited about it, but I did use up some more SAB rub-ons. ;-)

This card uses a bit of Basic Grey patterned paper. I love the colors in it, and I am sure I have more of it hoarded... somewhere.

I even forced myself to use the remaining piece so it did not go back into the Heap. I really like that splash of orange in the pattern, and I did not want to put anything over it, so the obligatory ribbon went to the side, and the sentiment went below.

Here are my lonely hearts. Way back when, many many moons ago, on an entirely different project (stay with me, here) I tried to match a green-with-brown-dots ribbon to green card stock. I realized the folly of my thinking, and instead paired the ribbon with brown, thus eliminating the green part of the challenge altogether! I took the same approach here, by giving up on matching the red and instead used the red as an accent with the Vanilla & Basic Gray papers. Ta-da! I did go back and add a layer of red to accent the top of the card, but it is far enough away so you cannot tell it is a shade or six off.

This is the other version of the card. This set of hearts had a Vanilla base, so I needed to add something for contrast so it would not disappear into the background. I chose Pomegranate, then I hand-cut the shape.

These are the last two cards I made with the remaining scraps of this piece of DS paper. I rummaged in my brad stash cuz I just knew I had some big red ones, and I did! I layered the brads on 1/2" + 3/4" circles. Done!

And so far, I have used 100% stuff off the Heap - nothing card stock or paper-wise from The Other Room!!! I am very proud.

Then I took a break. I actually put on shoes and left the house, because I wanted to get my arse over to Hancock Fabrics to drop off my scissors so they could finally be sharpened. DONE! They will be ready Monday evening. Yay!

I checked my mail before I came back inside, and ... I have Happy Mail!!! Yes! I got mail from Lauren!!!!

She stamped a bird on the envelope. A bird with a flower on its butt! LOL!

And this is the *amazing* card there-in! Oh, man, I LOVE this!!!

Aaaaaaaand, look what else she included! Check out that packaging! Look at the pretty bow and the really, really cute pin attached to it. The chocolate is gone, and it was yummy! Sigh ...

Okay, I think I'll go back and make some more cards, then maybe work on my Stuff For Sale list for SCS and Da Blog. I hope you are having a great weekend!


  1. I may have to eat my words about the scrap heap are doing an awesome job at using up those scraps!!!! I love what you did with the hearts...I'm thinking of *borrowing* that colour scheme for a stamp set challenge I want to get finished today.
    Lauren's cards are so much nicer in real life aren't they...I get very excited when I see her handwriting on an envelope in my mailbox :)

    OMG...the word verification is you think it's trying to tell me something??????

  2. Nice! I love all those birthday cards...especially the brads with the double circles behind them. Very striking!

    And a Lauren card with chocolate? You must be living right :)


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