Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

As I age, I care less and less about my birthday. I remember way back when I used to go to the gym religiously (early 80's), a fellow work-out-er told me that to celebrate her birthday she called her Mom and thanked her for carrying her and birthing her. Isn't that a nice idea? So anyway, last night I finally had time to check the mail from Saturday and I had a birthday card from my Dad (which I plan to CASE later this week, so I'll share it with you then), and I muttered something like, "Oh, yeah ...". I also was shocked awake this morning when the news guy (on the radio) gave the date and I thought, "Holy Carp! It's my birthday!" And I get to go to work, and plan for and hold a meeting! Bah.

So to celebrate, I thought I'd share with you my new best friend. This is a non-paid commercial for this product:

If you have a shedding pet, you need one of these. I swiped the little darling across the back of my chair (the green one covered with white fur) and the chair is now green again - it was a beautiful thing. The gadget has two rollers that you rub back and forth across the fur-niture and it picks up all the fuzz and deposits it in the handle cover thingie. My handle cover thingie is full.

Wanna know what else it does? It de-furs vertical blinds! Here is the pathetic Before picture of the blinds. In my case, my blinds have been acting as pet brushes for almost 10 years, and I have never figured out how to get the darned stuff off. I also think these blinds are why Kitty has had maybe two hair-balls in the 10 years she has lived her - no fur left on her bod to ingest!

And here is the After shot. Sooooo much better. As I happily de-furred most of the vertical slats on Saturday, I realized just how old these blinds are, so I still need to replace them, but at least they are not so furry any more.

Ach, would you look at the time! I must run to the Day Job now so I can leave on time to get home for workshop/stamp camp #3 this evening. I need to be here to turn on the lights before The Ladies arrive. Later!!!


  1. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday deeeeaaaarrrrr Leslie, happy birthday to you!!!!!!
    You should be eternally grateful that I only typed that and you didn't actually have to listen to me sing :)
    Hope you have a really spectacular day...even though you have to work...and I hope that you get some yummy CAKE...if not, let me know and I'll make one and eat it for you (it would never survive international mail)....LOL!

  2. holy carp, indeed! it's a bit early for singin'...but in my case, i don't actually get any *BETTER* as the day goes on, so here ya go:

    happy birthday to yooooooou!
    happy birthday toooooooooo you!!
    happy birrrrrrrrthday lovely blogging friend who makes me laaaaaaugh!
    happppppppppppy birthday to YOU!!!!!

    and many more to come!!!

    (ooh even the word veri is marking your special day: "USNAN"; pronoun, used for interrogating grandmothers: whaddidja bring USNAN??!")


    I hope your special day was a good one :)

    Hope you've had a fabulous day!

    And thank you for the cat hair cleaner-upper. I'm moving in with my BF and his 2 cats at the end of the month and I am dreading the clean-up from cat hair and dander, as I'm moderately allergic to the beasties. I bet this will help a lot, though. I'll be on the lookout at the store.

    (just have to add, one of the horrible things about moving is packing up all my stamping stuff. I'm not going to be able to get into it until after the move and after Passover. Sigh.)

  5. Happy Birthday to you. Thanks for the hint on the "Fabric Sweeper" I will get out and get some. Have a great day. Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  6. Happy Birthday!! I wish I'd known beforehand so I could send you a card!!! I love the fur tip!!! Thank you!

    My word is "turnesse". Maybe with that fur thing I can turnesse place into something habitable!

  7. Thanks for the photo of the fur eater thingy. I still can't find it. But I did find a great one made by 3M


    The "dionons" were angry at their cheif and took the mother ship back to Alphanue, stranding the cheif on Galsazar. Boy are they gonna get it when he gets home.

  8. Happy Birthday ...sorry I missed it!


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