Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another Scrappy Challenge

Tonight I tackled another challenge in an attempt to use even more scraps. This time I did the TCPTUES51 challenge, and I used scraps left out from last night's card.

I will confess I am out of card-base-sized Vanilla, so I have to use virgin card stock for that, but the rest is all scraps from The Heap. Yes, I am still plugging away, as March is not over yet!

Didja notice I snuck in some ribbon? Oh, yeah! Gots to have ribbon, and it was out, and the right side of the card looked nekkid.

The images (tree and sentiment) are from Cornish Heritage Farms, and I had to cut them apart to use them. Sigh.

Wanna see how I cheated? This is what the parts-is-parts looked like as I was assembling the pieces ...

... and this is what's underneath. Pretty sneaky, huh? I did not have a large enough piece of the blue, so I improvised, since the center band covers up the opening anyway. Sweeeet!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What an excellent trick for the blue base layer. I will have to file that away in my Stamping Brain!

  2. Sneaky and clever :)

    Yep, needed the ribbon; a perfect accent. I am loving that dp and your fabulous scrappy cards!

    My cards lately have been ribbon-free. During these times I think of you, of course :)

  3. i like cheating, too. almost as much as i like *silly*! i like this card EVEN MORE than i like cheating or silliness! and i LOVE that bit of ribbon! i think i am ribbon-impaired...i only think of ribbon as a strip...or as a bow...if there is not an obvious ribbon-based context...i do not think of ribbon. i shall sit at your feet (figuratively speaking!) and learn much!!!

  4. Leslie, it was not sneaky, it was very clever and something I would totally do just to use my scraps :) ... I have been usings scrap all month too :) - very nice take on the sketch - your card looks great! the pp is eye catching and complements the image very nicely!

  5. Very pretty and flowery, Leslie. Makes me think Spring, Spring, Spring. Thanks for playing along with the sketch!


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