Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Mostly-Blue Saturday

It all started out so innocently with this pile of materials:

I had a crazy idea that if I put the flower paper and the coordinating card stock next to the Spirelli pieces from the UFO Pile, that I would be miraculously inspired to join them all into one marvelous creation. Not. But I did manage to eek out the following projects.

This is Teal on Lilac, but the Lilac looks like Brocade Blue in this shot (I really must speak with that photographer).

For the Spirelli star, I thought I'd try Certainly Celery for the base. I also broke out my new EK Success border punch. Ugh - I need to go to the gym. That baby was tough to punch! But being in the moooood to use up stuff, I saved the punch-outs because they were so COOL and used them to make the background on the base. I did need to punch out a bunch more than came from the border, which is probably why my wrist and hand were throbbing. I am weak, in many ways.

I am not loving this next one, although I do love that I rescued my Teeny Tinies set from the way-back of a drawer to use to make the background. And in case you are wondering if I stole this idea from the card Lauren sent me, I did not (even though it does look very suspicious). I had these letters left out from the b'day card I made for my boy, and I even had the 'happy' letters all picked out in a tidy little pile. The 'a' and the 'y' were burgundy, so I sanded them with my SU sanding block (took all of 5 seconds), inked them up with my Taken With Teal craft spot, and embossed them with clear EP. In theory, these match the Teal layer of card stock. In theory. I was not gonna re-do them.

Now THIS one has been in my head for over a week! I have wanted to make a forest out of that tree! I really, really like the Pacific Point with the Kiwi Kiss. Note to self: commence the hoarding process.

I picked up these flowers on my field trip to the ribbon outlet last Spring. I rediscovered them in The Other Room yesterday, and I thought they'd look cool with Pacific Point. And they do!

This card is a study in Blue, or more specifically, an example of 'what the heck color is this, anyway' study in Blue. I was so excited I had so many scraps of Pacific Point in the Heap, and when I added the vase and the patterned paper to the card base, I was just tingly with joy. Until ... I put the Pacific Point ribbon across the card, that is. Then it hit me: this is not Pacific Point; nuh-uh. It is Brilliant Blue! This is good news for those who looooove Pacific Point, but do not want to hoard it and have it around post-retirement. The Brilliant Blue 'goes' okay with the Pacific Point DS papers; Not the ribbon, though. I pulled out some old, retired Royal, and it is passable. Better than the PP blue ribbon, anyway.

PS: I am not sure if this will actually fit in an envelope, but I still like it!

This card came out of the UFO pile intact and ready to go. I may stamp a sentiment on it. Or not.

This guy was mostly made, too. The base was stamped and the pieces were stamped, layered and corner-punched. All I did yesterday was mount the parts to the card and add the ribbon. (This is a TAC set, in case you wondered.) Oh, and he's not blue.

That's what I did yesterday, and I am still 100% from the Heap, including card bases. The really sad part is you cannot tell I've taken anything off that table.

What else ... oh, I have updated my SU Stuff For Sale in the Shameless Commerce section of this blog. Go check it out and see if there is anything you need to adopt. :-)

Okay, I am off to do something creative again today. I'll need to bag and tag all of yesterday's stuff before I can get started, though. I may dig out some of the Washi paper in that Heap and break out my new Hero Arts stamp set. Cuteness Alert! Hopefully I'll get around to posting it later this evening.

Happy Ides of March, and look for tomorrow's UHC post! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I am going to quote my dear friend (you), "Holy Carp!" You are one busy gal.

    I LOVE your spirelli star card. And those pacific point/kiwi kiss trees? Pure Leslie genius. Those flowers from the ribbon outlet are very cool...I love what you did with them. Cool ribbon on that elephant card too. I love elephants (my bedroom has an elephant theme...I have an elephant tapestry on the wall, pillows on my bed in an elephant pattern, and a side chair re-covered in an elephant fabric.)

  2. I'm with June ('cause she has such GREAT taste...LOL) The card with the trees is GENIUS! I love the elephant card...that sentiment is very encouraging. I had never heard of/seen Spirelli thingys until today...very cool...I like them!!!!
    Finally, that vase with the flowers is stunning...who cares if it won't fit in an's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT ♥♥♥
    OK, I think Ive boosted your ego enough for one day...LOL...seriously though, if this is what you make from your scrap heap then I think you should do this more often...very creative you are :)


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