Thursday, March 26, 2009

Field Trip!!!!

Two posts tonight - yep, two. I wanted to keep my sketch challenge card separate from all the following silliness.

Ready ... Set ... FIELD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BR #2 and I have been planning a Play Day at her house, and it is scheduled for April 4th. I was not quite sure what we'd be doing, cuz with #2, well, you just never know. So last night when we spoke, I asked her if I should bring stamps or boots (we might have ended up transplanting moss, for all I know). And the answer was: STAMPS! Yay! She also told me at the end of the day I was to take her scrap heap home with me. NOT! I jokingly offered to bring my heap to her place, since she'd never even notice the difference, and then the light bulb went off! A Field Trip for the Scrap Heap! Oh, yeah, baby!

So I have a box all picked out to contain the remaining scraps, and I'll scoop them up, place them lovingly into the box, and drive my Heap O'Scraps over to #2's house. This will afford me quite the photo op, as #2 has much of blog-worthy interest at her place. And the chances of HER blogging about them are slim and none, especially since I think she's deleted her blog.

Have I mentioned that #2's stamp space is larger than my Living Room & Dining Room combined? Yeppers. I think I'll find something there to use. Have I also mentioned that she alluded to the possibility of the use of polyurethane? I asked about ventilation, and I guess there won't be any, so I hope I live to tell about it. Maybe I'll just be really happy from the fumes. Maybe if they find my camera next to my limp body, 'they' will post for me after-the-fact.

Stay tuned! I'll keep you posted as to the preparations for the trip. This should be fun!!!

PS: The first thing you do when planning a Play Date with the young'uns is check for any allergy issues at the destination play spot. We spoke about this briefly, and I am happy to report we have eliminated the possibility of allergy issues, even though #2 has 4 furry beasts, because the scraps have lived through air-borne cat hair, so they should survive the dog hair without any adverse affects. (I warned you this would get silly.)


  1. This sounds like FUN!

    I can't wait to see your post about the field trip :)

  2. what's wrong with *SILLY*??! i like silly! silly is goooooood! heck, if it wasn't for silly, i'd hardly have a blog. it'd just be cards cards. serious ones. (see what i mean?? silly is excellent!) :) :) :)

    ps: have fun!!! show photos!!!


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