Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Heap Progress Report

Disclaimer: I am suffering from an unfortunate combination of: not enough sleep + too much caffeine + too much sugar, and it is not pretty. I am unable to have a lucid conversation, and my fingers are typing faster than my brain is thinking. I apologize in advance.

Okay, in my continuing quest to use up these scraps, I made a few more cards today. Yes, I am still using the same old scraps I used yesterday, and probably the day before.

I had these two strips of the flowered paper plus the blue layer and the rounded-corner piece, and I thought a circle image would look good to round out (!) all those corners, so I went in search of the right-sized image and opted to use this horse. Can you tell I was getting a little nuts when I added in the Photo Corner pieces? Hey, I had a piece of Celery that was the perfect fit for the punch, and I thought the touch of color was right. I put the large corner up top and the smaller one under the left edge of the sentiment.

I named this photo 'desperation', because that's about where I was emotionally when looking at the remaining scraps. I stuck them to a scrap of white that was not perfect enough to use for anything but a layer anyway, then I cut out some bird shapes with my Bird Nesties. I used them to make the two cards I posted below that I am giving away for a charity auction.

After I was done with those, this is all I have left of those scraps, and I think I can say I am done with them. For now.

On to the Heap Progress Report. Sadly, I see no difference. Let's check it out.

This first shot is the original Heap, all sorted out and orderly.

This is the Heap as of Saturday evening. Except for the poor photography, it looks no different to me.

Here are the original color stacks.

And these are as of yesterday. Eh? Looks the same. Someone at work suggested I should have had a ruler inserted into The Heap (you know, like in snow storms) to better gauge my progress. Now THAT would have been funny!

Here we have the original Neutrals stacks.

Neutrals as of yesterday. Even though ALL the 1/2 sheets of Vanilla have been used, it still looks ... the same. I think the ruler may have helped me here.

Here we have all the patterned papers - SU in back and 'other' in front.

Now they are all mixed up, but largely the same.

The original UFO heap.


And ya know what? I have made over 100 cards since the 12th! 100!!!! Goodness gracious, I may NEVER be done. #2 asked me to slow down so I have some scraps left for next weekend's Field Trip. LOL! Not a problem having some left. Yeesh.

And to answer the inquiring minds as to how I have made so much stuff in the past 2 weeks? Simple: I have no life! I go to work, I come home, I stamp, I go to bed. Repeat. And on weekends, no work, just play. I have no spouse, and the cat does not care. The laundry ain't done. I do not buy food or cook. My place looks like a tornado hit, twice. Nuf?

Now that we've settled that, I think I'll go bag & tag my creations and attack a different piece of paper. Might as well take advantage of this speed I am on while I am still vertical. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I definitely saw less purple and less yellows. Take heart! :)

  2. Ah, see I should read all of the posts together then I would have known that the birdies were Nesties!!!
    I definitely think there is a small reduction in volume of the heap...don't be disheartened :) Though it did occur to me that if you get really sick and tired of it all you could box up some of the paper and cs that you don't think you'll use and donate it to your local kindergarten for craft projects....they would love you for it and you would instantly reduce the heap enormously! Just a thought :)
    Oh....and I love the horse card...that sentiment is brilliant and I can totally relate to that right now!!!!

  3. 1) Jealous that you're organizing your scraps!
    2) Super relieved I don't have the only tornado stricken studio!
    3) Balance the sugar and caffeine with wine.
    4) God bless cats!!

  4. I love the horse know I love your floral dp, and the use of that photo corner? GENIUS! I need to remember that little tip!

    There are bird Nesties??? I am in so much trouble.

    The Heap does look smaller to me. Do you let your customers choose cardstock scraps from The Heap? Sue lets us use her cs scraps when we pay $5 to "stay-and-stamp". We get to use any of her stamps, stamp pads, markers, and cs scraps for $5. If we need a whole sheet of cs or ribbon, we purchase that. We even use her cs scraps for her classes. You probably do this too, but just a thought...

    Over 100 cards? WOW! I suppose that will allow you more time to socialize/people watch at your markets :)


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