Saturday, March 21, 2009

Are We There Yet?

I do believe I am starting to get sick of that Scrap Heap. That may be influenced by the Waning Mojo I posted about earlier today ... and I think I've found a method to allow myself to persevere. Mix 'em up, man, mix 'em up! I do have Stamp Camps that need projects, and since most of the stuff in The Heap is non-SU, or retired, or I do not have enough of it to go around, or {insert excuse here}, I allowed myself to step out of the zone momentarily and use other things.

But first - here is my re-done card from this morning...all I did was add some ribbon, and I think it makes it look more finished. After dissecting the cards (I made two of them), and adding the ribbon to both, I bagged & tagged them, then I pondered the back side of the remaining BG papers - so pretty. But I'll come back to them later this weekend. Maybe.

Here is a project that has been in my head for a while now, and I might even use it for my April Stamp Camps. It uses only Whisper White and Pacific Point. For this card, I allowed myself to take a 1/2 sheet of Pacific Point card stock not from The Heap, but the rest of the card stock is from The Heap. I stamped the images on the WW, then on scraps of WW (I'm using up a ton of those babies!) and cut them out, then stuck them on the stamped images with mini glue dots. What looks to be ribbon is NOT! It is two strips of Pacific Point card stock. NO KIDDING!!! I tried the ribbon there, but opted out. Must be lack of nourishment or something. At the last second I decided it needed a little color, so I used my Ruby Red and Basic Black markers to color the lady bugs then stamped them in some white space. Done!

Back to the scraps. Here we have some pink striped double-sided papers, some pink paper-weight paper, and I pulled out two spools of mint-y green ribbon I thought might go. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon making the following:

Another image from the SU Golden Oldies set available April 1st. I tried every-which-way-from-Sunday to put those card parts non-centered, but it finally came together dead center. Whatever. Her dress is paper-pieced using scraps and the reverse side of the double-sided paper.

She still looked un-finished (even with the ribbon ... I know!) so I added some pink pearls to both the top edge and bottom corners (with just the top edge, it almost looked like a row of blinking lights ... or maybe that was the lack of nourishment, again). She is definitely blingy-er now!

Then I took another diversion from all that pink and used these three scraps that have been on my work spot for several days. I just stuck them on a white base, then rummaged through my Every Color Blue But The One I Need box of ribbons because I just knew I had this yummy blue in there. And I did! I got this (and some red just like it) at my last {sniff... sniff} trip to Recollections before they closed. (Ya know what? I read somewhere that Mike's is not doing so well. Hmmm ... I wonder if that's happened since they closed Recollections in favor of focusing on Aarons. YA THINK!?!?!?!?!) ANYway, the ribbon luckily goes with the papers so I added it (and fondled it) and called it DONE.

Okay, dokey, back to the pink. In my blog surfing the past few days I saw someone had done pieces where the ends were rounded but the middle was not. I made a mental note to try something like it when I got the chance, and wouldn't you know it - I got that chance! I cut a few of the remaining pieces of the striped paper into 1" strips, then slipped only one end at a time into the SU Key Tag punch to round them. Then I measured and did the math, and cut them into pretty-close-to thirds so the white layer would show through.

I tell ya, at this point I did a lot of staring and futzing and pacing. For example: as pretty as the half-pearls looked in those three sections, they could not be mailed unless in a bubble envelope (or with a lot of padding), so I put them away and thunk some more. I finally ended up with this - just one Pretties Kit flower attached with a rhinestone brad. I did not want to add any more layers or parts to the bottom, so I ended up just stamping the HB sentiment directly on the striped paper. It was bold enough if I used Black ink to not get lost in the pattern.

Oh, but there's MORE! I still had one of the band-aid shaped parts left over, and I refused to put it on the UFO pile, just to have to look at it again another day, so I used it. Done!

And this is all I have left. Not bad, not bad, even if it did take me all afternoon. And you know what? There is still no visible reduction in The Heap. Sigh ... I'll dig in again tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by (and for reading this far!)


  1. definately had MOJO today...lots of really great cards...and all the time for the pictures and uploading... great job!!!!

  2. Wow - it doesn't look like you're losing your mojo!! These are great!!

    I, too, am depressed by scraps!

  3. This is my first visit...and I've been snooping around your blog and both the etsy store and the other site...and boy oh boy do you have some wonderful things! You're very creative! I love the tree card...that one is one of my favorites. I wouldn't even begin to try and make something like this...but I love giving handmade cards.

  4. How is it you are soooo productive in one day????!
    I'll start at the top:
    1. I loved the tree card before AND after. That is an AWESOME card.
    2. Pacific Point butterflies: wonderful card and I agree it needed the ladybugs (a personal fave of mine). Niiiiiiice.
    3. The old lady card: very pretty dp, I need those little pearls , I need those little pearls, (*snap* out of the trance, June!) Another wonderful totally leslie card...sure to be a hit at your market :)
    4. Happy Birthday: simple, elegant, LOVELY!!!
    5. What??? MORE pink scrappy cards? Totally cute and I think my scrappy insanity is wearing off on you :)

    No visible reduction in The Heap: AMEN!!! This is what I keep saying...I started selling cards to get rid of old stash, but this stuff goes a loooooooong way. Ugh.


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